Rudolf de Crignis: New York 1985-2006, Margarete Roeder Gallery, New York, NY

Rudolf de Crignis

Margarete Roeder Gallery is pleased to announce the publication of Rudolf de Crignis New York 1985–2006, published by Radius Books, Santa Fe with a foreword by Lawrence Rinder, a text by Georg Imdahl, and an interview with the artist by Joseph Cunningham.

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Mark Dagley, Gabriele Evertz & Gilbert Hsiao in Buzz, Curated by Vik Muniz, Galeria Nara Roesler, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Gabriele Evertz, Four Grays Plus The Spectrum, 2011, Acrylic on canvas, 68 x 68 inches, MINUS SPACE

Buzz, Curated by Vik Muniz, Galeria Nara Roesler, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Featuring Mark Dagley, Gabriele Evertz, Michelle Grabner & Gilbert Hsiao

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Sharon Brant: Sideswiped

Installation view of Sharon Brant: Sideswiped, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

November 9 - December 22, 2012

MINUS SPACE is pleased to announce the exhibition Sharon Brant: Sideswiped. This is the Beacon, New York-based artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and it will feature a suite of new paintings and works on paper.

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Michelle Grabner: The Inova Survey, Inova, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Michelle Grabner

Chicago-based artist, writer, teacher and curator Michelle Grabner (BFA ’84, MA ’87) presents a selection of paintings, prints, sculpture and video spanning her formidable career.

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Materializing “Six Years”: Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Six Years, Lucy R. Lippard

This exhibition is devoted to examining the defining impact Lucy R. Lippard’s groundbreaking book Six Years had on the emergent Conceptual art movement. Published in 1973, Six Years simultaneously catalogued and described the development of conceptual art practices in the late sixties and early seventies, and is now widely considered an essential reference work for the period.

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Mark Dagley: Structural Solutions

Installation view of Mark Dagley: Structural Solutions, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

September 7 - October 27, 2012

MINUS SPACE is pleased to announce the exhibition Mark Dagley: Structural Solutions, the artist’s first solo exhibition of new paintings in New York City in 15 years. The exhibition will feature three oversized paintings – the artist’s largest works created to-date – which will be exhibited on flat aluminum blocks on the floor and leaned against the gallery walls.

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Julian Dashper in Peripheral Relations: Marcel Duchamp & New Zealand Art 1960-2011, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

Marcel Duchamp

Peripheral Relations: Marcel Duchamp and New Zealand Art 1960-2011 is a major exhibition organised by the Adam Art Gallery. Drawing on the PhD research of Marcus Moore, guest curator of the exhibition, it explores the influence of Marcel Duchamp on New Zealand art, canvassing the history of Duchamp’s reception in New Zealand from 1960 to the present.

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Kyle Jenkins: Falling Down, MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia

Kyle Jenkins

In this solo exhibition for MOP, Kyle Jenkins has created a new body of work that involves the deconstruction and reconstruction of various relationships between conceptualised and physical interpretations of space. The conceptual foundation for the work is the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway on Saturday, December 6, 1969, where various interpretations of space collapsed into chaotic and evolving forms of activity.

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Dannielle Tegeder: Animation, Formation, Translation, Arroniz Arte, Mexico City, Mexico

Dannielle Tegeder

A grey wall installation based on a eight drawings shown on shelves throughout the space. The drawings will continue a translation process by taking the shape vocabulary of the animation, and utilizing it in an installation context. This continued process creates shifts and changes in the language of the work while keeping an inherent structure.

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David Reed: Heart of Glass, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany

David Reed

David Reed, born 1946 in San Diego and a resident of New York since the 1970s, has in his good forty creative years developed an oeuvre that, with all its concentration on specific forms of painting, also maintains relationships to other, more recent image media, especially to film and video art.

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Hartmut Böhm in Minimalism in Germany, The Sixties II: Abstraction and Seriality, Zero, Concrete Tendencies and Sculpture as Action, Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

Franz Erhard Walther

The Daimler Art Collection is pleased to announce the exhibition Minimalism in Germany. The Sixties II at Daimler Contemporary, Potsdamer Platz, in Berlin. The first exhibition in the Minimalism in Germany 1960s series in 2010 comprehensively showed major trends in reduced, abstract 1960s art in Germany from the Daimler Art Collection.

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Endless: Laura Bell, Michelle Grabner & Amy M. Ho, Plug Projects, Kansas City, MO

Michelle Grabner

Endless is PLUG Projects' sixth exhibition featuring Amy M. Ho's installation of a deep projected space, the landscape photographs of Laura Bell, and Michelle Grabner's process-based paintings. Restrained and non-theatrical, the works in the show nonetheless evoke monumental and highly abstract ideas of order, space and time. Viewers are presented with pictorial spaces, which, if only for a brief moment, make possible the loss of identity and encounter with the infinite.

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Hartmut Böhm in Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

Raw Materials: Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany

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Josef Albers in America: Painting on Paper, Morgan Library & Museum, New York, NY

Josef Albers

Josef Albers (1888–1976) is best known for his series of paintings, Homage to the Square, in which he endlessly explored color relationships within a similar format of concentric squares. Less well-known are the studies he made for these compositions.

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Julian Dashper & John Reynolds, Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Julian Dashper

In 1984 new works by Julian Dashper and John Reynolds were exhibited together at a gallery in Wellington. At the time it was noted that these works were “about living in New Zealand and living in the world at the same time. There is simultaneously order and disorder. Everything is in motion, and to survive change we abstract our experience. We reflect ourselves back on the world according to the abstractions we have made.”

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Daniel Levine: Marker, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

Daniel Levine

Some Walls is pleased to present Daniel Levine: "Marker". In an interview with John Zinsser in NY Arts Magazine, Levine answers, " paintings aren’t as "outwardly friendly" as yours are. You’re the "friendly" abstract painter – the "A" side of a great single; I’m the "B" side, in a minor key."

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Amy Feldman: Dark Selects, Blackston, New York, NY

Amy Feldman

Feldman composes striking images by employing a limited number of pictorial elements on the surface of her paintings. Simple yet acute gestures coupled with basic formal devices dovetail to create images that have a strong visual impact on the viewer. Feldman seeks a visual clarity that is at once profound and undercut by humor.

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Mark Dagley in Material Tak, Panepinto Galleries, Jersey City, NJ

Mark Dagley

Panepinto Galleries and STUDIO 371 are pleased to present Material Tak, a group exhibition devoted exclusively to the practice of painting. One of the oldest and most revered forms of artistic output, painting is a doggedly powerful medium. Not merely as defined by its visceral exactitude or allegiance to color, but in its ability to strike at the core of who we are—to register on levels of the psyche otherwise untouched by the parlance of everyday life or pedagogical dogma.

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Douglas Melini: A Sharing of Color and Being Part of It, Feature Inc., New York, NY

Douglas Melini, Accessible Bliss

Working with the contrast between a minimal palette and intensive patterning (a dialog that allows the paintings to be simultaneously quiet yet deeply activated), Douglas Melini makes hard-edge abstract paintings that investigate color and space. “I like to think of the paintings as being built, put together part by part, creating a geometric net for the viewer, a vibratory field.”

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Justin Andrews: Projector, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Justin Andrews

The documentation of Kasimir Malevich’s solo exhibition 0:10, The Last Futurist Exhibition of Pictures in Petrograd, 1915, yielded one of Modernisms iconic images. The black and white photograph shows twenty-one square and rectangular paintings of varying size, hanging on adjacent walls. A chair sits at the base of the right-hand wall, giving an indication of scale. At the top corner of the room, hung so as to form a triangle against the room’s top corner, is Malevich’s Black Square (1915).

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Neither Here nor There but Anywhere and Everywhere

Installation view of Neither Here nor There but Anywhere and Everywhere, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2012

June 22 - August 11, 2012

MINUS SPACE is pleased to present the group exhibition Neither Here nor There but Anywhere and Everywhere, featuring recent work by 7 artists: Vincent Como, Julian Dashper, Linda Francis, Michelle Grabner, Russell Maltz, Victoria Munro, and Carrie Pollack.

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