Calder 1941, The Pace Gallery, New York, NY

Alexander Calder, Untitled, 1941
Sheet metal, wire, and paint
46 x 29 x 22 inches

October 21 – December 24, 2011

An exhibition focusing on the year 1941, a seminal moment in Alexander Calder’s career and the apotheosis of a decade of experimentation following his invention of the mobile in 1931. During the thirties Calder expanded his artistic vocabulary to include kinetic objects, systems of weights and balances, and an array of nontraditional materials, including found objects, string, wood, and wire, culminating in one of the most innovative and confident years of his career before he giving up his signature material, aluminum, support of America’s war effort. The show will feature some of Calder’s greatest works, including Boomerang, Un effet du japonais, Vertical Foliage, and the first public presentation of the monumental standing mobile, Tree, in its complete form.