Ken Weathersby: Time is the Diamond, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

Ken Weathersby, Time is a Diamond (detail), 2011

August 7 – September 25, 2011

Some Walls is pleased to present Time is the Diamond, an installation of very small works by Ken Weathersby, August 7, 2011– September 25, 2011.

Ken Weathersby is known for art works he describes as “meticulous, perceptually active paintings using tight geometric patterns” interrupted “with physical insertions, reversals, dissections or displacements. The painted patterns generate moiré effects, phantom color and elusive hints of space.”

Time is the Diamond comprises twenty-two small works in less than twelve linear feet—miniatures, actually—using many of the same motifs and interventions found in Weathersby’s larger paintings; the smallest measures approximately 2.5 x 1.5 inches, the largest just over 8 x 5 inches.

Time is the Diamond is the title of a song by the American band Low. The song’s dense, abstract, almost impenetrable lyrics have a folk quality, listing things the singer is not, or has lost, akin to the hybrid and transgressive qualities in Weathersby’s art that are ultimately resolved in his finished works:

If I’m not a lion
And I’m not an island
If time is the diamond
Well all right.

Weathersby’s most recent solo exhibition, Perfect Mismatch, was held at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn in 2010. Selected recent exhibitions include: The National Academy of Art Museum’s 183rd Annual: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary American Art, New York; Continuing Color Abstraction at The Painting Center, New York; Postconceptualism: the Malleable Object, Stamp Gallery, University of Maryland; and Visual Phrasing, Maloney Art Gallery, College of St. Elizabeth. He is the recipient of a Mid-Atlantic Arts / New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Painting.

Ken Weathersby grew up on the gulf coast of Mississippi. He received an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit and has lived in or near New York City since 1990.