Carl Andre, MUSEION of modern and contemporary art Bolzano, Italy

Carl Andre, Stile (Element Series), 1960

September 17, 2011 – January 8, 2012

Living legend and one of the founders of Minimal Art, the radical works of Carl Andre (Quincy, Massachusetts, 1935) revolutionised the concept of sculpture and profoundly influenced the course of twentieth century art.

Just months after the artist was awarded the prestigious Roswitha Haftmann Stiftung prize, Museion in Bolzano is set to be the very first museum in Italy to host a celebration of his works.

The exhibition is a cooperation between Museion and the Kurhaus Museum, Kleve, where it was staged from 17 April to 28 August.

More than twenty sculptures, small and medium sized works that date from the end of the 1950s to the present, from public and private collections, will be presented on the ground floor and fourth floor of Museion. Among the artist’s famous large scale installations, the exhibition presents Wirbelsäule (spinal column), created in Basel in 1984 and rarely exhibited, which will be on display in the public area in front of the museum. Special attention is devoted to his Poems, text works which are little known but seminal in terms of Carl Andre’s philosophy and art. The show also features a selection of artist books, including the publication dedicated to Andre’s home town, “Quincy”, 1973.