Eve Aschheim: Drawings & Photograms, Some Walls, Oakland, CA

Eve Aschheim, Deluxe 3x, 2010
Gesso, graphite, and ink on mylar
17 x 12 inches

June 11 – July 31, 2011

Some Walls is pleased to present “Drawings & Photograms” by New York artist Eve Aschheim June 11, 2011– July 31, 2011.

Eve Aschheim’s approaches to image-making—drawings, photograms, and paintings—concern line and light, interior and exterior space, rhythm and pattern, and gesture and a sense of play conveyed using each medium’s unique processes and material. As a single body of work, Aschheim’s luminous, shimmering, intimate drawings and photograms evoke architectural and natural space, and affirm the value of the handmade, constructed, and seen. Each resulting image captures the presence and process of emotion, searching, and thinking; for the viewer, looking at the images provokes feeling, exploration, and thought. Aschheim’s assembled and constructed images retain a semingly contradictory sense of vulnerability, openness, and surprise.

Eve Aschheim is Senior Lecturer at the Visual Arts Program at Princeton University.