Handmade Abstraction: Selections in handmade paper, Dieu Donné, New York, NY

kate shepherd

Kate Shepherd, Color Trope Black Lemon Yellow, Reds, Orange, 2011 Stenciled linen pulp paint on cotton base sheet 24 x 18 inches May 17— June 25, 2011 Dieu Donné is pleased to present an exhibition featuring select works in handmade paper created in our wet studios by artists Ian Cooper, Arturo Herrera, Kate Shepherd, Jean Shin, Allyson Strafella, and Richard Tuttle. Exploring form, color and line, abstraction enjoys a degree of independence from what we […]

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John Beech, Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon

john beech

John Beech, Reutlingen Factory Yard #2 (detail), 2010 Metallic tape on black and white photograph June 18 – October 16, 2011 The mundane, the invisible, the discarded—all become grist for the often elegant and humorous sculptures of John Beech. Conflating sculpture, painting, and photography, the British-born Beech has established an international following for his post-minimalist works. The exhibition will feature three recent sculptures and large-scale photographs that have been altered with industrial tape and enamel. […]

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Sol LeWitt: Structures, 1965-2006, Public Art Fund, New York, NY

sol lewitt

Sol LeWitt, Tower (Columbus), 1990 Concrete block 316 x 128 x 128 inches May 24 – December 2, 2011 Sol LeWitt (1928 – 2007) was one of America’s most inventive, prolific, and influential artists. He created significant bodies of work in two and three dimensions, including drawings, photographs, prints, and sculptures (known as “structures”). An originator of minimal and conceptual art in the 1960s, LeWitt helped to transform the artistic thinking of both his contemporaries […]

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Series 5 – Marcos Valella, Dimensions Variable, Miami, FL

marcos valella

Installation view. May 14 – June 25, 2011 When first looking at Marcos’ paintings they appear to be lazy and unresolved. There is a feeling of awkwardness and weirdness. The series of seven paintings made up of 32 to 34 inches square for Dimensions Variable, look bleached or erased in the center. There is no identifiable subject matter and they are all treated the same, without any hierarchy. However, upon closer inspection, they show variations […]

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Martin Creed, Johnen Galerie, Berlin, Germany


Martin Creed, Work No. 1209, 2011 Emulsion on wall dimensions variable April 29 – June 25, 2011 On occasion of Gallery Weekend, Johnen Galerie proudly presents the exhibition Paintings by Martin Creed. The works on view, as all other works by the artist who is well-versed in media as diverse as photography, sculpture, film, and music, range between plain and generally understandable structures, and happenstance. The ‘genius’ creator steps back by – at least theoretically […]

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Stephen Westfall, Lennon Weinberg, Inc., New York, NY


Stephen Westfall, Jewel Heart, 2010 Oil and alkyd on canvas 35 x 47 inches April 26 – June 11, 2011 Stephen Westfall returned from a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome last summer. During his year there, he completed a series of paintings that while predicated on structures already emerging in his recent work address the extended history of geometric imagery that he set out to explore in his Rome project, “New Paintings for […]

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Anthony McCall, Luciana Brito Galeria, Vila Olimpia, Brazil

anthony mccall

Anthony McCall, Meeting you Halfway II, 2010 May 10 – June 18, 2011 Luciana Brito Galeria presents the first solo exhibition in Brazil of works by Anthony McCall. Conceived as a retrospective, this exhibition of the artist’s earlier and more recent works is accompanied by a bilingual (Portuguese/English) catalogue featuring more than one hundred images and excerpts from several essays and interviews with Anthony McCall from the last decade—all unpublished in Portuguese—as well as an […]

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Poul Gernes: Retrospective, Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden


Installation view. May 21 – August 21, 2011 Poul Gernes (1925–1996) was born in Copenhagen and lived in southern Sweden for thirty years. Until now his art has not been comprehensively presented in Sweden, although he is considered to be one of Scandinavia’s most significant artists. Yet Gernes has had a posthumous international break-through in recent years, not least because of the generous selection of his works at documenta 12 in 2007. This retrospective is […]

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Hartmut Böhm in Construction in Process 1981 – the community that came?, Museum Stzuki, Lodz, Poland

construction in process

The project Construction in Process 1981 – the community that came? refers to the legendary international exhibition opened in Łódź almost two months before martial law was introduced. Artists from Łódź, representing various art disciplines, invited 54 leading artists from all over the world to partake in the show and create art works here, on the spot.

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Fünfe Räume, Austrian Cultural Foundation New York, NY

esther stocker

Esther Stocker, What I don’t know about space, 2008 Installation view. May 24 – September 5, 2011 Fünf Räume presents five emerging artists who have been given the opportunity to transform a distinct space within the gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum by creating new, site-specific installations. Rather than attempting to create a specific, and potentially narrow, theme for these works to conform to, these selected artists are given the freedom to display their work […]

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Julian Jackson: Aura Studies, Galerie Kaysser, Munich, Germany


Julian Jackson, Aura Study 2 Oil on prepared paper 26 x 22 inches May 12 – June 30, 2011 “Aura is often defined in near mystical terms as the halo or penumbra of colored light surrounding an individual in a field of radiant energy. The colors of the aura are imagined to correspond to the individuals’ personal Chi, or life force. The works in this exhibition are from an ongoing series of paintings and works […]

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Florian Maier-Aichen, 303 Gallery, New York, NY


Florian Maier-Aichen, Der Spaziergang (Green, White, and Blue), 2011 C-print 15 x 12 inches April 29 – June 25, 2011 With the works in this exhibition, Maier-Aichen continues his practice of picking apart and expanding notions of photographic representation. Many works in the show rely on a fully hybrid model of image production; utilizing practices of photography, painting and drawing in equal measures has allowed the artist to explore the myth of image-making in pursuit […]

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Uta Barth, The Art Institute of Chicago, IL

uta barth aic

Uta Barth, …and to draw a bright white line with light (Untitled 11.3), 2011 May 14 – August 14, 2011 Since the early 1990s, Los Angeles–based artist Uta Barth has examined photographic and visual perception—how the human eye sees differently from the camera lens and how the incidental and atmospheric can become subject matter in and of themselves. That is to say, she is perhaps less interested in where the camera is pointing than the […]

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Luis Tomasello, Sicardi Gallery, Houston, TX


Luis Tomasello, Mural Chromoplastique, 2011 May 19 – July 2, 2011 Sicardi Gallery is pleased to announce our fourth solo exhibition featuring the work of the Argentine-born master of kinetic art, Luis Tomasello. The show will include a chromoplastique wall mural and a selection of his signature atmosphere chromoplastiques and objet plastiques created since the 1980s. The opening reception is Thursday, May 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. Since the 1970s, Tomasello has worked on […]

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Gego: Prints and Drawings, 1963-1991, Frederico Sève Gallery, New York, NY


Gego, Untitled, 1966 Lithograph on paper 11 x 11 inches May 24 – August 18, 2011 Frederico Sève Galleryis pleased to present GEGO: Prints & Drawings 1963-1991, an exhibition featuring thirteen prints and drawings that were completed by the German born, Venezuelan artist, Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt, 1912-1994), from 1963 to 1991, along with a book of lithographs dating back to 1966. The show will be celebrated with an opening reception on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, […]

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Arshile Gorky: 1947, Gagosian Gallery, New York, NY


Installation view. May 6 – July 1, 2011 Centered on the recent discovery of Untitled (Pastoral), a painting from 1947 that has never before been exhibited, “1947” includes paintings and drawings executed by the artist during the last year of his life. Untitled (Pastoral) was found in 2010 during the reframing of the painting Pastoral from the same series. The former was set behind Pastoral on the same stretcher, and remained covered for sixty-four years, […]

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Unpainted Paintings, Luxembourg & Dayan, New York, NY

unpainted paintings

Installation view. March 3 – May 27, 2011 Works by Alberto Burri, Piero Manzoni, Otto Muehl, Dan Colen, Paola Pivi, Piotr Uklanski, Rosemarie Trockel, Blinky Palermo, Franz West, Richard Tuttle, Lynda Benglis, Julian Schnabel, Ana Betbeze, Andy Warhol, and more.

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Torben Giehler: Lateralus, Leo Koenig Gallery, New York, NY

torben giehler - leo koenig

Torben Giehler, Pyrite, 2011 Acrylic on canvas 27.5 x 27.5 inches May 12 – June 18, 2011 Leo Koenig Inc. is pleased to announce the fifth solo exhibition of new paintings by Torben Giehler. Giehler is known for his geometric abstractions, influenced by futuristic universes, and finished with mathematical precision. In a departure from the vibrant color palette and electrified vortex of his previous paintings, these new works extend a zen-like calm, alchemically fusing the […]

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A Painting Show, Harris Lieberman Gallery, New York, NY

harris lieberman-molly zuckermann-hartung

Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Venus (detail), 2010 Oil, spray paint, and collage on canvas May 6 – June 4, 2011 Harris Lieberman is thrilled to announce the opening of “A Painting Show” in a temporary location on the ground floor of 508 West 26th Street. This group exhibition includes 35 artists and charts spheres of influence among a group of painters with diverse artistic approaches. All the artists share a rigorous conceptual grounding and an interest in […]

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Alan Charlton, Aarte Studio Invernizzi, Milan, Italy

alan charlton-aarte invernizzi

Work by Alan Charlton. May 19 – July 8, 2011 On Thursday 19 May at 6.30 pm, the A arte Studio Invernizzi gallery will be opening an exhibition devoted to a new project by Alan Charlton (Sheffield, 1948). Since the 1960s, the English artist has been using grey as his sole colour and monochrome rendering as the only way in which he employs it: “I am an artist who makes a grey painting”, says Charlton. […]

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Manfred Mohr: parallelResonance, Galerie [DAM], Berlin, Germany


Installation view. April 30 – June 8, 2011 ParallelResonance is the 4th cycle of artwork, which Manfred Mohr produced as a software artwork, beside a series of pictures. In the series Mohr is exploring in his characteristically straight forward forms and colours the tension fields between the shifting black and white lines and plaines. The changing colours of the background range in pastel-coloured shades. Beside the software pieces the exhibition also features large-scale and small […]

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The Weight of Jupiter, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand


Installation view Lisa Benson (wall) & Rossana Martinez (floor) May 18 – June 11, 2011 Consisting primarily of gaseous and liquid matter, the atmospheric composition of Jupiter renders the gas giant without a solid surface; seemingly appropriate, considering it was named after the Roman God of Sky and Thunder. To navigate the landscape of Jupiter’s surface, would require a submarine type vessel – one that could withstand the sheer mass of Jupiter’s gravitational force, without […]

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Frank Badur: Mostly Red + Works on Paper, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York, NY


Frank Badur, #11-10, 2011 Oil and alkyd on canvas 16 x 20 inches May 12 – June 25, 2011 Margaret Thatcher Projects is pleased to announce the opening of Mostly Red + works on paper, an exhibition of new work by Berlin-based artist Frank Badur. Badur’s gracefully intuitive minimalist compositions draw his viewers into their subtlety with a delicate interplay of surface and color. Veils of reds are laid down in bands of varying widths […]

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Donald Judd, David Zwirner Gallery, New York, NY


Installation view May 6 – June 25, 2011 David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Donald Judd drawn from the artist’s seminal 1989 exhibition held at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany. Brought together from international public and private collections, this will be the first time these particular works have been exhibited together in a group of this size since Judd’s 1989 installation. The exhibition, which will span both of the gallery’s […]

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Erik Saxon: Select Works, 1973-2011

Erik Saxon, BLK.RECT.+YEL.RECT.OB._O/L_09, 2009, Oil on linen, 36 x 56 inches overall, each panel 16 x 20 inches

May 7 - June 11, 2011

MINUS SPACE is delighted to announce the exhibition Erik Saxon: Select Works, 1973-2011. This is the Manhattan-based painter’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will feature key works from seminal points in the artist’s oeuvre spanning the past forty years, including several never-before-seen grid, shaped, multi-panel, and monochrome paintings.

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