Nancy White, Jancar Jones Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Nancy White, #8 (Emerald Green), 2011
Acrylic on paper mounted board
7 x 8.5 inches

March 23 – April 23, 2011

Jancar Jones Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibit of new work by Bay Area artist Nancy White. The show will include a number of acrylic paintings on paper mounted board. This will be her second solo exhibit with the gallery.

In her new body of work White continues to explore the perceptual relationship between what is painted and what the eye constructs. By using matte, closely valued colors, the paintings can appear almost monochromatic; the geometric constructions within, visually elusive. The adjacent triangular forms that make up the small compositions simultaneously collapse and expand the pictorial space, shifting and unfolding at varying rates of speed due to their varied size and color density. As a result of this kind of formal examination, White proposes a harmonious dichotomy in which minimalist objects can emerge out of complex compositions and visa versa.

Nancy White’s work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions at Takada Gallery, San Francisco and recently in group exhibitions at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary, San Jose, CA; Higgins Art Gallery, Barnstable, MA; the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR; the Los Gatos Art Museum, Los Gatos, CA; Busdori, Tokyo, Japan; and ParisConcret, Paris, France. Her work was also included in a series of traveling exhibits that originated at Weltraum26, Munich, and traveled to Pharmaka, Los Angeles, and Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA.