Tineke Bouma: Sings Very Softly, Kunstruimte 09, Groningen, The Netherlands

Work by Tineke Bouma

February 20 – March 26, 2011

A selection of the legacy of Tineke Bouma (1956-2009) with works from the period 1985 to 2007. The total work of Tineke Bouma is modest and the works themselves are usually not large. They show a special sensitivity often seen in the bright, sensuous colors and simplified forms. Colors and shapes that do not depict something visible.

Tineke Bouma wanted – as she put it – paint ‘like the wind, the clouds form. That is, without preconceived ideas about color, form, composition, but with an open mind. The same open-mindedness is expected of the viewer of the work. The paintings of Bouma just want to be and especially create a mental ‘space ‘. The work of Tineke Bouma is special and deserves not to fade into oblivion. One reason for K09 to show the work again.

Tineke Bouma (1956 – 2009) came from Friesland to Groningen, where she studied psychology fot a brief spell and then late seventies and early eighties of the last century education at the Minerva Academy to follow.
The training school was still quite often conflicted with her intentions untill artist Ton Mars – co-initiator includes art foundation ‘De Zaak’ at the time – became her teacher.

After she finished her studies at the Academy works of Tineke Bouma were included in the traveling exhibition “Tussenblik” (including Han Schuil, Jan van den Dobbelsteen and Ton Mars), an exhibition that introduced a counterpart was the” Neue Wilde “and among the title “Neo Geo” was shown.

Her work was further highlighted by Asselijn Gallery in Amsterdam and when this gallery disappeared, the last ten years by Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam. The latter gallery presented the work of Tineke Bouma a few years ago through a solo exhibition at Art Amsterdam. In Groningen, where she until her death nearly two years ago continued to live, her work has occasionally been seen since. It was in the west of the country would have left her work might have been a greater national prominence.

Tineke Bouma has nevertheless a small loyal fans of the work and in some sense also “artists artist” (rated by fellow artists). This, partly because her own work and principles always remained loyal to herself and was not influenced by fashion.

Tineke Bouma shows a relatively modest body of work. Modest in scope – a work could take years to do before its final shape – and usually modest in size. Work with strongly reduced colors and shapes, but also sensitive and concentrated. Work with a timeless and openness, made ‘like the wind the clouds form’ and that it deserves to be shown regularly. As now in K09.