John Henry: Structures at Appropriate Scale, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX

John Henry, Blue Rhapsody, 1998
Painted aluminum
96 x 84 x 48 inches

January 21 – March 26, 2011

Spanning a 50-year career as an artist and sculptor, John Henry has amassed an internationally collected body of work. Henry’s focus in the 60s and 70s was founded on the Constructivist movement melding technology and industrial materials with abstract forms. Today, the evolution of his work remains constant with his primary influence of the changing landscape of the urban environment.

Henry’s sculpture can be described as colorful, primarily large-scale, welded steel structures. He arranges sharp linear and rectilinear elements that appear to defy gravity and float. Many suggest a moment of paused motion where flying or tumbling elements are frozen in time. There is a simple elegance and an unexpected sense of poetry and weightlessness in his work. The scale ranges from tabletop pieces to monumental structures. Ruder Finn Press is set to release a 517-page book detailing John Henry’s extensive career as an artist and sculptor in early 2011. Gallery Sonja Roesch will hold a book signing with John Henry in March 2011.