David Headley: Triptychs, 153 East 53rd Street, New York, NY

Installation view.

January 2 – February 28, 2011

David Headley is painting 120 large-scale triptychs.  There is an episodic embrace in them of pure abstraction in its numerous guises.  The triptych format create ample space for a thoroughgoing exposition of abstraction’s history and exploration of abstract painting’s future.  Given the size of this undertaking (the series would be 16 football fields long if exhibited) aesthetic focus is maintained by the very specific imagery and painterly techniques in each of the 360 canvases.  It is the breadth of his vision to realize abstract painting’s full potential—allowing color, form and gesture to play out on such a large scale and in a profusion verging on abandon—that takes Headley’s art to another place.

David Headley will be exhibiting two of his 38-foot long triptychs in partnership with Boston Properties, the Midtown Arts Common, and Drawer 158 in the lower and upper galleries of the Atrium at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue (formerly known as Citigroup Center) from January 2 through February 28, 2011.