Marta Chilindron: New Paradigms / Henrique Oliveira: Colagens, Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami, FL

Marta Chilindrón, 27 squares, 2010
acrylic, plastic hinges
12 x 12 x 12 inches (when folded closed)

November 13, 2010 – January 29, 2011

Marta Chilindrón
Marta Chilindrón creates small networks where every element plays a part to achieve an intricate whole. Each piece is a small system governed by its own rules. She focuses on a continuity that has no beginning or end, where geometry is used to organize and simplify our chaotic universe.

Her first solo show at the Gallery will feature a group of new works inspired by early memories of childhood games and geometry lessons. The changing color combinations and the ever altering forms add an element of surprise to these ludic, masterful sculptures.

Marta Chilindrón was born in BA, Argentina in 1951, grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay, and has lived in New York since 1969.

Chilindron has recently completed a 200 ft long public work for the 2010 Lodz Biennale. She has shown in New York City at: PS1 Museum of Contemporary Art, The New Museum, El Museo del Barrio, the Queens Museum, the Clock Tower Gallery, Cecilia de Torres Gallery, Exit Art, among others. In Europe her work was seen at Dot Galerie, Geneva, Switzerland, and Kapel Central, Nijmegen, Netherlands. In South America her work was featured at the Centro Cultural Recoleta and Museo del Grabado in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Museo de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay; the Instituto Brazil Estados Unidos, and Laura Marsiaj Arte Contemporanea, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as well as Art Fairs: ARCO Madrid, Spain; Art Basel Miami Beach, USA; ArteBA Buenos Aires, Argentina; SParte São Paulo, Brasil.

Chilindrón was a member of the National Studio Program at PS1 Museum of Contemporary Art; awarded a Pollock-Krasner Grant; received the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award, and an award from Anonymous Was A Woman. Her works are in the collections of the Jack Blanton Museum, Austin, Texas; El Museo del Barrio, NYC; CIFO, Miami; the State University of New York; Fonds d’Art Contemporain de Ville de Geneve, Switzerland; & private collections internationally. Her work has been reviewed in Art in America, Art Nexus, New York Arts, Flash Art, Atlantica Internacional Revista de las Artes,, Review, Point of contact, El Nuevo Herald (Miami), Tribuna de Impresa, Veja Rio, O Globo (Brazil),

Henrique Oliveira
Henrique Oliveira is a painter who has developed 3-dimensional installations based on painterly concepts. The results achieved point out the blur between the traditional separation of mediums: sculpture, architecture and painting. “Made from fragments of plywood found in the streets, the work was born out of the open possibilities that modern painting brought to its medium, thereby allowing the identification of aesthetic qualities on the world’s weary surfaces. This idea gave me room to apply wood on three-dimensional structures, analogous to paint on canvas.”

The notion of a fragmented surface is both present in his canvases as well as in his sculptures. “The time I spend to collage the wooden slivers functions as a de-acceleration of the liquid chaos of traditional pictorial formats; which, in turn, renders its fluidity to the movement of my 3-dimensional pieces.”

Working with wood laminates made him realize that painting is a language capable of re-inventing itself, and is also a concept that can be applied to other forms of organizing the world. “In the History of Art, Cities have always constituted a theme for representation. As we begin thinking and accepting non-representational art, the urban fabric shall become a physical foundation whereby an image is materialized.”

In his first exhibition at Alejandra von Hartz, Henrique Oliveira presents “Three Dimensional” paintings, created by a process of collage work of wood laminates that spread over the walls of the Gallery. At the same time, he presents his acrylic paintings on canvas, rendering visible the idea of the collage as a technique to occupy space while also constructing images.

Henrique Oliveira, was born in Ourinhos, Brazil, 1973, moving to São Paulo in 1990, where he lives and works. He graduated in fine arts and received M.A. at USP (University of São Paulo). Focusing on painting as his main medium since 1996, in 2003 he started working also with site-specific installations made of plywood and veneer collected from streets of São Paulo. Among the main exhibitions he has participated is the 29ª Bienal de São Paulo, 2010. In 2009 he had his first solo show abroad, Tapumes at Rice Gallery, Houston, USA. He has been to many collective exhibitions since the 90´s, among the most recent ones are the IX Bienal Femsa Monterrey, Mexico, 2009; Something from Nothing in the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, USA, 2008; Seja Marginal Seja Herói – Gallerie Vallois/Serossi, Paris, France, 2008; Futuro do Presente, Instituto Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil, 2007. He has received grants and has been awarded with prizes such as Prêmio CNI/SESI Marcantonio Vilaça for visual arts, Brazil, 2009 and Smithsonian Artist Reasearch Fellowship – Washington DC, USA, 2008.