Kim Uchiyama: Archeo, Lohin Geduld Gallery, New York, NY

Kim Uchiyama, Element, 2008-2010
Oil on canvas
20 x 16 inches

September 8 – October 9, 2010

Lohin Geduld Gallery presents their first solo exhibition of new paintings by Kim Uchiyama. The centuries-old axiom that color is of the emotions while drawing is of the intellect comes into question in front of a Kim Uchiyama painting. While sensuality abounds in Uchiyama’s resonating palette, the mind is instantly engaged with the strategy of her stacked horizontal bands of color. Uchiyama’s reductive painting language clears the way for a meditation on rhythm, interval, cadence and movement. Like Josef Albers before her, Uchiyama presents a deceivingly simple geometry that allows for an infinite variety of expression.

A recent stint at an artist residency in southern Italy inspired Uchiyama to contemplate the multilayered history of that Mediterranean crossroad. The results can be seen in her new paintings, where excavations of paint films reveal past efforts and decisions. An archeology of sorts emerges, as one color band is supplanted by an overlapping new choice of hue or saturation level. The end result is a beautiful tapestry of actions and reactions, woven into a harmonious state of equilibrium.

Uchiyama works on several paintings of equal proportions at the same time. These groupings of paintings can be seen to share color choices and visual weights. But each one is uniquely different as the artist paints in an improvisational manner to the needs and dictates of each work. The paintings take on different moods and personalities, and Uchiyama’s geometry suddenly becomes highly subjective. Like a musical score, her formal compositions have the potential to pack an emotional wallop. These are works to be savored and compared, for they suggest not one but many conclusions.

Catalogue available with essay by Lilly Wei.