Conversations with Robert Swain, by Stocan Films

Conversations with Robert Swain
Directed and edited by Peter Canale
Stocan Films, 2010

A 5-part online film series covering the life and work of NYC artist Robert Swain. Interview by Matthew Deleget, artist and founder of MINUS SPACE. Produced to accompany the exhibition Visual Sensations: The Paintings of Robert Swain: 1967 – 2010 at Hunter College/Times Square Gallery in New York, NY, from October 7 – November 13, 2010.

Part 1: New York & The Early Years
Part 2: Color System
Part 3: The Grid: Harmony & Contrast
Part 4: Technology & Process
Part 5: The Brushstroke & Beyond

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  1. Desmond Kenny says:

    The videos of Robert Swain, talking about his work where insightful and thought-provoking. It was a James Kalm YouTube video which introduced me to Robert’s work. Matthew Deleget’s questions helped the artist reveal his thought process and work practice in a relaxed and easy manner. Will have to watch these videos again. Thank you Minus Space. Regards, Des Kenny

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