Color Climate: David E. Peterson & Matthew Deleget, Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Miami, FL

David E. Peterson
Asics Oniksuka Tiger Collection Spring 2010, 2010
Acrylic, mdf and UV resin
82 panels 11 x 5 x 3 inches each
Overall installation 3 x 28 feet

September 11 – October 30, 2010

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery is pleased to announce the two-person exhibition Color Climate: Matthew Deleget / David E. Peterson. The exhibition will feature new abstract painting installations by Atlanta artist David E. Peterson and Brooklyn artist Matthew Deleget. Color Climate will be the artists’ first exhibition with the gallery and it will take place from September 11 to October 30, 2010.

David E. Peterson makes rule-based paintings that are informed by high-end industrial design goods, including laptop computers, athletic shoes, men’s fashion, and Modern architecture. For Color Climate, David will present three new suites of paintings from his ongoing Product Abstraction series. The paintings present his investigation into the formal qualities and associated consumer aspirations of three specific lines of designer goods, including Nixon’s Newton watch collection, Asics’ Onitsuka Tiger line of sneakers, and wallets designed by Paul Smith. The individual paintings, made from acrylic and UV resin on MDF and produced in finite series, similar to the design goods themselves, will be installed in large grid formations on the gallery walls.

Matthew Deleget is a conceptual, reductive painter who will present an installation of new Shuffle paintings. Informed by the “shuffle” feature on his iPod, each painting consists of a checkered grid of four colors completely selected at random, producing visual results that vary widely. The gallery walls where his paintings are to be installed will also be painted various colors selected at random. This specific series of paintings, made of acrylic paint, including fluorescent, metallic, and iridescent colors, on thin archival masonite panels, is directly inspired by the legendary salsa ensemble Fania All-Stars. Each painting will pay homage to a specific musician in the group, including Johnny Pacheco, Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, and Larry Harlow, among others.

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