Melanie Crader: The Eula Project, O’Kane Gallery, University of Houston, Houston, TX

Melanie Crader, It all started when
I tried to paint a portrait (purse), 2010
From the series The Eula Project
Acrylic and silver leaf on panel
10 x 8 inches

September 2 – October 7, 2010

The O’Kane Gallery on the campus of UH-Downtown begins the fall season with Houston artist Melanie Crader’s solo exhibition, The Eula Project. Crader’s installation physically transforms the gallery into a facsimile of a domestic residence that begins the intersection of the present and a life lived decades ago. Upon the discovery of a box containing mundane objects found over 20 years after her grandmother’s death, Crader began exploring the similarities between their two lives. Utilizing the contents of the box as source material, The Eula Project explores the formation of an identity as it relates to space, aesthetics, gender, social class and memory.

A native of southern Louisiana, Crader’s exhibit history includes Gallery Sonja Roesch in Houston, Women and their Work in Austin, and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY. Her work has addressed the complex issues of identity and the feminine as it is packaged through predominantly consumer channels. Her clean, crisp, at times minimalist stylistic leanings bring focus to specific detail divorcing it from its original context. The Eula Project provides an examination of one identity revealed through such details.

Melanie Crader is a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant Award. This grant is funded by the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.