If We Only Knew Now What They Knew Then: Works by Melanie Crader and Katy Heinlein, space125gallery, Houston Arts Alliance, Houston, TX

Melanie Crader, Sky Blue Doily…I only keep the formal ones…
later throwing them away…I realized that I was curating my trash…, 2008
Enamel and hand cut paper
12 x 12 inches

July 29 – September 9, 2010

Melanie Crader
A native of Louisiana, now residing in Houston, Crader explores fashion, gender, social class and identity. This body of work, which she has named Take Away Project, offers a series of printed stories which viewers are encouraged to take with them. Crader believes stories change from teller to listener, thus creating a fractured narrative, giving each story a life of its own.

Katy Heinlein
By creating simple and theatrical sculptures, Heinlein generates interplay between gravity, tension and movement. She uses cloth as her medium because it can be both vague and suggestive, as well as partially revealing. Her work is about mystery and obscurity, the seen and unseen.