In Memoriam: Leroy Lamis


Leroy Lamis, 84, died Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010, in Austin, Texas. Mr. Lamis was a sculptor and long-time professor of art at Indiana State University. His Plexiglas sculptures, known for their geometric elegance, were exhibited throughout the United States and Europe and are in the collections of leading museums and private collectors. Mr. Lamis was born in Eddyville, Iowa, and moved to Los Angeles during the depression. As a teenager, he worked at MGM studios […]

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Noel Ivanoff: Skin Cradles, Two Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand


Noel Ivanoff, Cut block (crate) painting 1 Acrylic paint on polystyrene form mounted within a crate construction 795 x 345 x 435mm August 14 – September 4, 2010 Noel Ivanoff’s formalistic painting practice has been marked by a sheer determination to innovate new possibilities in the language of painting’s surfaces and supports. His explorations into painting as sculptural constructions were first seen in the crate-like works in his exhibition Fabrication (Vavasour-Godkin Gallery, 2007) and the […]

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My Space: A Film by Simone Horrocks & Richard Flynn with Julian Dashper


Film still with Julian Dashper Starting August 26, 2010, on YouTube, you can view the film My Space, by Simone Horrocks & Richard Flynn with Julian Dashper. Early in 2008, Dashper approached film makers Simone Horrocks and Richard Flynn, with the idea of collaborating on a film project. It was important to Dashper that we remain open to where the filming might take us, but together we agreed that the film in some way would be : ‘A […]

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Malene Landgreen: Red Blue Motion Totem, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg, Denmark


Installation view May 29 – September 5, 2010 Red Blue Motion Totem is the meaningful name of Malene Landgreen’s current exhibition at Esbjerg Kunstmuseum in her home country Denmark. The installation was realised on the occasion and celebration of the 100th birthday of Danish painter Richard Mortensen. With her giant wall-paintings combined with mirrored columns Malene Landgreen pays tribute to the expressive work of the jubilee and created an optical illusion which dissolves the central […]

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Pierre Juillerat: Alpha Floor, dr. julius | ap, Berlin, Germany


Pierre Juillerat, B_76.5215, 2009-2010 Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas 220 x 170 cm September 2 – October 3, 2010 The solo exhibition alpha floor of Swiss painter Pierre Juillerat is a consistent continuation of the New Concrete and Constructive Art program by dr. julius | ap. Juillerat‘s work expands the range of the artists represented by dr. julius | ap with a strictly geometric painting position. In most cases, Juillerat‘s paintings show stripe and […]

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Luce e Movimento (Light and Movement), Signum Foundation, Palazzo Donà, Venice, Italy


Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromosaturation, 1965-2010 Installation view May 22 – October 16, 2010 Luce e Movimento (Light and Movement) curated by Grzegorz Musial and Franck Marlot Artists: Martha Boto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Werner Graeff, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Julio Le Parc, Jozef Robakowski, Nicolas Schöffer, Jesus Rafael Soto, Gregorio Vardanega With the newly organized space of Palazzo Donà, the Foundation presents objects and sculptures, as well as installations and films in which light and movement become […]

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Melanie Crader: The Eula Project, O’Kane Gallery, University of Houston, Houston, TX


Melanie Crader, It all started when I tried to paint a portrait (purse), 2010 From the series The Eula Project Acrylic and silver leaf on panel 10 x 8 inches September 2 – October 7, 2010 The O’Kane Gallery on the campus of UH-Downtown begins the fall season with Houston artist Melanie Crader’s solo exhibition, The Eula Project. Crader’s installation physically transforms the gallery into a facsimile of a domestic residence that begins the intersection […]

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Marlene Sarroff: Disruptive Elements, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Marlene Sarroff Disruptive Elements, 2010 Corrugated cardboard, paint August 26 – September 4, 2010 The exhibition, Disruptive Elements, explores the dynamic interconnection between the striated surface space and the smooth surface space. When the smooth space is disturbed interrupted and ruptured by the intervention of cutting peeling and repositioning a process of change brings into being a striated space. The striated space becomes new territory, emerging and, developing a dialogue with the smooth. The smooth […]

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Abstraction-Creation: Post-War Geometric Abstract Art from Europe and South America, Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London, United Kingdom


Geraldo de Barros, Pampulha, Sao Paulo, Brazil, [From the Series Fotoforma], 1949 Silver gelatin, 29 x 28 cm Edition 5 of 15, Print 2006 September 8 – October 6, 2010 Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London is delighted to present Abstraction-Creation, an exhibition uniting twenty-nine abstract artists from South America and Europe. The title Abstraction-Creation refers to the European abstract art movement of the same name founded by Theo van Doesburg in Paris in 1931. This somewhat loose […]

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Geometry in 20th Century Art from the Daimler Art Collection, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Installation View August 13 – October 25, 2010 As the 10th stage of its world tour, around 120 works of the Daimler Art Collection are currently on show at MALBA Buenos Aires. The exhibited high profile works range from Oskar Schlemmer via Andy Warhol to international Contemporary Artists: On show are installations, sculptures, photography as well as video works from the Daimler Art Collection. A unique key component of the exhibition is a comprehensive educational […]

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100 Jahre Konkrete Kunst: Struktur und Wahrnehmung, Kunsthalle Rehau-Art, Rehau, Germany

Kunsthalle Rehau, MINUS SPACE

Works by: Manfred Mohr, Josef Linschinger Dora Maurer, Karl-Heinz Adler Karl Gerstner, Vesna Kovacic July 31 – October 30, 2010 Participating Artists: Karl-Heinz Adler, Rita Ernst, Karl Gerstner, Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, Wolfgang Körber, Vesna Kovacic, Josef Linschinger, Dora Maurer, Manfred Mohr, Marcello Morandini, Axel Rohlfs

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Richard van der Aa, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Richard van der Aa, Reasons to be cheerful: Paris winter series no.13, 2009 Acrylic on paper, 19 x 24 cm August 12-21, 2010 One of the streams in Richard van der Aa’s work of recent years is an ongoing series of paintings entitled Reasons to be cheerful. The Reasons to be cheerful paintings have been realised in a variety of forms and scales. From the tiny aluminium tablets which were shown throughout the Christchurch Art […]

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Sara Schnadt: Network, Domestic Intervention, What It Is, Oak Park, IL


Installation view July 31 – August 21, 2010 By appointment Sara Schnadt is a Chicago-based performance/installation artist. Raised on an international commune in Scotland, an ‘alternative’ context which considered itself as a social experiment outside of conventional culture, she spent formative years understanding herself as an outsider, an observer. Since moving to the United States in 1986, Sara has become fascinated with the unifying rituals and values that are common threads in contemporary western culture, […]

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REMIX: Sol LeWitt, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY


Sol LeWitt, 2 Part Composite, 1971 Serigraph edition 59/60 Collection Albright-Knox Art Gallery Gift of Seymour H. Knox, Jr., 1972 August 7, 2010 – February 27, 2011 Although wall drawings represent the foundation of his practice, Sol LeWitt’s works on paper, sculptures, artist’s books, and writings on Conceptual art were equally important to his oeuvre. Perhaps the artist’s most radical gesture was to transport the image from a confined two-dimensional surface (the paper) onto an […]

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Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life

Texts by various artists, Julian Dashper: It Is Life, MINUS SPACE, August-September 2010

August 7 - September 4, 2010

MINUS SPACE is honored to announce the memorial exhibition Julian Dashper (1960-2009): It Is Life. The exhibition marks the one-year anniversary of the New Zealand artist's death and it will feature a single work by Julian entitled Future Call, as well as written tributes to him by more than 70 artists internationally.

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If We Only Knew Now What They Knew Then: Works by Melanie Crader and Katy Heinlein, space125gallery, Houston Arts Alliance, Houston, TX


Melanie Crader, Sky Blue Doily…I only keep the formal ones… later throwing them away…I realized that I was curating my trash…, 2008 Enamel and hand cut paper 12 x 12 inches July 29 – September 9, 2010 Melanie Crader A native of Louisiana, now residing in Houston, Crader explores fashion, gender, social class and identity. This body of work, which she has named Take Away Project, offers a series of printed stories which viewers are […]

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Douglas Melini / Studio Visit, by Vince Contarino, Progress Report, July 30, 2010


A painting in progress at Douglas Melini’s studio “PR was introduced to the paintings of Douglas Mellini from The Difficult Shapes of Possible Images, the 2006 show he organized at ZieherSmith, that was a collective preview of some of the most interesting NYC-based artists working with abstraction today. We dropped by his Bushwick studio earlier this summer to talk painting and gain some perspective into his working process…”

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Panel Discussion: Daniel G. Hill, Melville House, Brooklyn, NY, June 9, 2010

Daniel Hill discusses his work with Melville House curator, Jim Osman and moderator, Matthew Deleget, co-founder of MINUS SPACE on the occasion of Hill’s exhibit, Print, at Melville House Gallery on June 9, 2010. Print is an exhibition of Daniel Hill’s recent digital prints that use photography, painting and printmaking to investigate surface and light and their role in the formation of images. The work is a meditation on the nature and meaning of the […]

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SNO 62 Exhibitions, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia


Works from the 25 – 25 IS (2010) on the floor at SNO (l to r, t to b) Tilman, Tallman, Heerkens, Hallard, Hsiao, Arts, Voskuil, Winkler, Andrews, Roux, Dahlhausen, Van Der Graaf, Deleget, Van Der Aa August 7-29, 2010 Solo Installations Guido Winkler & Iemke van Dijk 25 -25 IS Box The 25 – 25 IS box contains work of 25 artists at 25 x25 cm. The edition consists of 75 boxes. Available at […]

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M5, Curated by Jeff Jahn, Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR

Installation view of M5, Philip Feldman Gallery + Project Space, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2010 (wall: Francis Celentano, floor: Mel Katz)

August 1-22, 2010

M5 explores the intersections and mutual interests of five artists who have exhibited at Brooklyn’s MINUS SPACE: Don Voisine, Patricia Zarate, Steve Karlik, Nancy White and Rossana Martinez, combined with two of the Northwest’s most historically relevant abstract practitioners Francis Celentano and Mel Katz.

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