Postscript: Lynne Harlow & Mary Paula Hunter, RISD Museum of Art, Providence, RI

Lynne Harlow & Mary Paula Hunter, Postscript, 2010
Dance drawings on birch plywood (series of 5)
4 x 4 feet each

Performance: April 24, 2010, 2 pm

Postscript is a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Mary Paula Hunter that explores the intersection of drawing and dance. This performance project will be presented at the RISD Museum of Art as part of The Big Draw, a celebration of drawing offered in conjunction with the exhibition Pat Steir: Drawing Out of Line.

Postscript will employ dance to generate five drawings on plywood as visual records of rhythm. It will include five short rhythmic dance pieces performed on white 4’ squares of birch plywood. Each of the dances will feature a different type of dance and varied rhythms. As each dance unfolds, the dancer’s movements on and across the plywood surface will create scuffs, lines and marks of various sizes and a range of values. While each dance and its resulting drawing will be unique, all of the works will share a specific genesis – a single dancer using his or her body to find and convey structured sound and movement. The drawings, postscripts, will be testaments to that extraordinary gift.