Kevin Finklea: Memories Are Uncertain Friends, Margaret Thatcher Projects, New York, NY

Installation view

March 4 – April 17, 2010

Two years ago I entered my woodshop to make painted wooden objects once again. I had left object making for pure painting in the year 2000. In returning to the objects, I realized the importance of making work as unfettered of past experience as possible. It quickly became evident that there was no need to repeat myself. I wanted to make painted forms as directly as I could with no narratives, memories or other past histories attached to the process; as I realized this merely added a burden of expectation to the work. The pieces simply lost their fresh directness when I tried to bring something from the past into to the present process. My guiding rule became: glue it, screw it and paint it.

To facilitate this I used materials I had already cut from former projects. Pieces of crates and lumber remaining from completed works all figured into the making of the new pieces. I actively let these remainders suggest the form of what I made. Painting was done utilizing paint already mixed from former works. There was no need to repeat decisions where form and color were concerned. While this could easily appear as trendy recycling; it was the freeing up of my work processes that this provided that galvanized it as my current studio approach. Here materials produced for former works were remade and remodeled into completely novel contexts to further my interests in color and balance.

— Kevin Finklea