Intersections: Flurries by Regi Müller, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC

Installation view

On view thru May 2011

Regi Müller transforms the museum’s Vradenburg Café by installing hundreds of small, sculptural pieces mounted on the windows and walls. Cast in urethane and in the shape of “caps”—in mathematics, areas above or below a given plane—the pieces are arranged in the space to induce a visual progression from order to disorder. Of the same volume and tint yet of different depths and sizes, the caps are translucent objects reflecting their background: the ones on the walls look like a starry constellation while others on the windows allow us to see the outside world in reverse. Like flurries falling sporadically and then swiftly, caps, too, appear first as tidy and then unruly, turning into a spell of erratic patterns.