Geometric Themes & Variations, Gallery 128, New York, NY

Work by Lawrence Keny

March 17 – April 10, 2010

Gallery 128 is presents the exhibition, “Geometric Themes & Variations”, curated by the painter Gloria Klein. Klein’s idea and intention was to invite artists who work within a geometric format using different materials. Geometric Abstraction remains fresh, visually pleasing and conceptually challenging.

The artists were invited from Ms Klein’s past and present contacts and longtime friendships, so the exhibition is as much personal as it is thematic. Exhibitors Clark Richert, Richard Kallweit, Charles DiJulio and Fred Worden are the originators of Criss-Cross, a Colorado-based artists cooperative which was formed in the 1970’s. Klein and George Woodman, friends of Criss-Cross, showed quite often with this group.

Richard Kalina, represented by Lennon, Weinberg, and Betty Woodman, represented by Max Protech, participated in Pattern & Decoration exhibitions in the early seventies.

Kazuko, the director of Gallery 128, introduced Lawrence Kenny, Michael Ottersen and April Vollmer to Gloria Klein.

Joanne Mattera recommended Steven Alexander. Both Mattera and Alexander are part of Geoform, an international online curatorial project dedicated to geometric structure in contemporary geometric art, edited by Julie Karabenick. Michael Knutson, Scott Malbaurn, Bruce Pollock, Richard Bottwin and Gloria Klein are also represented here. Edward Shalala and Don Voisine are members of American Abstract Artists.

Together these 20 artists represent a cross section and continuum of the expression of geometric form in two and three dimensions, from mathematically conceived and rigorously rendered compositions to a looser, more intuitive approach to line, angle and curve.