Objectified, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY

Objectified, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY, 2010; Curated by David C. Terry and Matthew Deleget

David Baskin, JAG, 2008

February 5 – April 17, 2010

An exhibition of new sculpture by artists David Baskin, Suzanne Broughel, Virginia Griswold, Kent Laforme, Sylvan Lionni, Jaye Moon and Claire Watson. Curated by David C. Terry and Matthew Deleget.



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  1. lisa robb says:

    The show is so good. I wonder if this is the fewest number of artworks ever shown at the the Art Center and also, is this the greatest difference in volumetric sizes of the artworks shown in the 40 years of its art exhibiting? Into the archives and/or a few conversations with long time fans and volunteers will answer this. The show is wonderful, these images very dramatic and good. The artworks selected by Matthew Deleget and David C. Terry and made by the artists are inspired. Work is whimsical and serious; big and small; delicate and sturdy; machine and hand finished. The Center’s all age, all size, all interest gallery visitors are already ahhing and ooing and as predicted, the very shortest visitors (under age 3 and 3 feet and in general), are able to very quickly walk right under the JAG, a hanging artwork. Without even touching the piece, they toddle right under it. Often before the adult and staff in charge even notice. But the no touching rule is observed as always. Thank you artists, MINUS SPACE and David Terry for being such good partners to Pelham Art Center. This is an unpaid testimonial and tribute to good looking, free and interesting art exhibits.

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