Robert Ryman: Critical Texts Since 1967, Edited by Vittorio Colaizzi, Ridinghouse, 2009


The third volume in Ridinghouse’s series of anthologies on the central figures of Minimalism, About Robert Ryman offers a crucial look at the artist. The book charts the gradual evolution of the reception of and reaction to Ryman’s art. Texts include critical responses from his very first solo exhibition to present. A comprehensive selection of over 60 essays and exhibition reviews has been collated into one volume, including texts by some of the most influential art historians and critics. This volume includes an introduction discussing Ryman’s reception throughout history by Vittorio Colaizzi, author of the upcoming Phaidon monograph on Robert Ryman. Other titles in the series include About Carl Andre and Dan Flavin: It Is What It Is. Writers include Yve-Alain Bois, Douglas Crimp, Arthur C. Danto, Donald B. Kuspit, Lucy R. Lippard, Barbara Rose and Roberta Smith. Some essays appear here in English for the first time.

Ridinghouse is the publishing imprint shared by London gallerists Thomas Dane and Karsten Schubert producing books, prints and multiples.

ISBN 978 1 905464 09 8