Konkret: The Heinz and Anette Teufel Collection, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany


Zdenek Sykora & Bridget Riley
Richard Paul Lohse & Manfred Mohr

October 3, 2009 – January 10, 2010

Heinz Teufel, the famous gallery owner and collector, died in 2007. He was a great patron of Concrete Art in Germany. From opening his first gallery in 1966 in Koblenz up to his 1998 activities in Berlin he consequently pursued a stringent gallery profile – independent of the fluctuating fashions of the art world. Including works by over 40 internationally renowned artists, the collection of Concrete Art he put together within this period was given to the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. This assortment of art, including 200 paintings, numerous sculptures, and an extensive stock of prints, gives an exemplary pan-European overview of Concrete Art since the Second World War. The inclusion of Eastern European as well as Italian and French manifestations of the abstractionist movement is an outstanding feature of the collection and rarely to be found in museums.

Participating Artists:
Josef Albers, Olle Baertling, Hermann Bartels, Horst Bartnig, Hubert Berke, Max Bill, Andreas Brandt, Antonio Calderara, Ad Dekkers, Jo Delahaut, Piero Dorazio, Rita Ernst, Eberhard Fiebig, Mark Francis, Christoph Freimann, Günter Fruhtrunk, Raimund Girke, Hans-Jorg Glattfelder, Camille Graeser, Heijo Hangen, Siebe Hansma, Auguste Herbin, Uwe Kubiak, Jan Kubicek, Walter Linck, Richard Paul Lohse, Manfred Luther, Max Hermann Mahlmann, Karel Malich, Jan Meyer-Rogge, Manfred Mohr, Francois Morellet, Wilhelm Müller, Aurelie Nemours, Mario Nigro, Gudrun Piper, Bridget Riley, Jan Schoonhoven, Anton Stankowski, Zdenek Sykora, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Herman de Vries, & Beat Zoderer.