Julian Dashper in Chromodomo, Multiple Venues, Groningen, The Netherlands


Work by Remco Torenbosch

September 20 – November 22, 2009

A group show about light, organized by the Groninger Museum, Wall House #2 and Kunstruimte09.

Academie Minerva Zuiderdiep, Kunstruimte09, Wall House #2, Academie Minerva Praediniussingel & NS Hoofdstation Groningen

Participating Artists:
Spencer Finch, Laura White, Julian Daspher, Erwin Wurm, Remco Torenbosch, Jan van der Ploeg, Willum Geerts, Twan Janssen, Ton Mars, Tomas Rajlich, Aart Rudolphy, Jan Scheerhoorn, Roland Schimmel, Jochem van der Spek, Rom Gaastra

From 20 September to 1 November 2009 many parts of Groningen will be devoted to the art manifestation entitled Chromodomo. A route touching on exceptional and colourful places in the city also leads visitors to a series of extremely varied exhibitions and activities in the Wall House #2, Kunstruimte 09, and Minerva Academy of Art at the Zuiderdiep and Praediniussingel locations and at the Central Railway Station Groningen

Artists displaying a special relationship with the phenomena of colour, light and space have been invited by Kunstruimte 09 (K09) and the Wall House #2 Foundation to develop new work for Chromodomo. Each participating artist creates his or her own environment in an individual space.

K09’s selection consists of a number of artists who incorporate new multimedia in their work, as well as artists who make use of more traditional resources. These groups include artists who explore to the utmost, in spectacular work, the possibilities of their visual resources, and also artists who approach these resources from a more reductionist slant.

Work of the following artst is shown in K09 , the Acadamy of Arts Minerva ( location Zuiderdiep and location Praediniussingel ) and the Central Railway Station in Groningen: Julian Daspher, Rom Gaastra, Twan Janssen, Ton Mars, Jan van der Ploeg/ Willum Geerts, Tomas Rajlich Aart Rudolphy, Roland Schimmel, Jochem van der Spek, Remco Torenbosch

The Wall House is a house, a dwelling place for two people and certainly no ‘white cube’, no modernistic exhibition space. The house refers to the things that are normally done in a dwelling place – eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, etc.

It is exactly these references that nourish the newly developed work by Laura White from London and Erwin Wurm from Austria. Spencer Finch is primarily engaged in the examining the landscape as seen from the Wall House. This was also the point of departure for John Q. Hejduk (architect of the Wall House).

In the Chromodomo Trialogue, a number of presentations and discussions will deal with the way in which colour, light and space play a role in our experience of architecture and art. The afternoon will conclude with an exceptional colour buffet.

The Colourful City (in Dutch: Kleurrijke Stad) walking route comprises 24 examples of existing objects in public space in Groningen in which colour and light are conspicuously present.

Finally, Joost Swarte (cartoonist/designer) has designed a colouring picture of the Wall House especially for Chromodomo.