Helen Calder: Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, City Art Rooms, Auckland, New Zealand


Helen Calder, Yellow Skin (125 fl.oz), 2009
Acrylic, enamel & stainless steel, 770 x 1400mm 

September 2-26, 2009

In Helen Calder’s most recent works, she has been partially or completely removing the traditional planar support and exploiting the plastic potential of the paint medium and the real space, rather than illusory space, paint and colour can occupy.

The materiality of the medium of paint, particularly its plasticity and weight and its ability to define surface has been her key focus since 2000.

There are four works in this exhibition where loose skins of paint hang on stainless steel rods. The colours of the four works- yellow, orange, red, black form the title of the exhibition. These colours are ordered in the title according to their relative visual weight – yellow being the lightest and black the heaviest. The titles of the work include the actual fluid weight of the paint that forms the skin.