VIEWLIST: Bulletin Board: Inspiration Information, Conceived by Karen Schifano

Our third VIEWLIST exhibition is conceived by New York painter Karen Schifano.

The word “inspire” (originally meaning “to infuse with breath”) is a verb, but can also transform itself into a noun or adjective. It’s very active, and yet also implies being receptive, even demands openness, a readiness to receive, and a sharpening of perception and awareness. From one thing, there is a direct connection to another thing, a kind of touch that is nurturing, rich and full of promise. Potential becomes realization; we wake up rejuvenated, re-energized, and ready for action.

This group of inspirational flotsam and jetsam from our homes and studios is incredibly varied, running the gamut from a poetic quote to the restoration of a house, from the image of a computer desktop to strips of colored tape on a wall. In some instances, there’s a surprising leap from the image seen here to the finished work, in others there is a clear and recognizable relationship. I hope that as you are intrigued by an image, you will click on it to reveal the caption or thoughts of the artist, and then go to the individual websites linked to each name. Through a dialogue about how the mysterious process of getting from A to B or even Z unfolds for each of us, new avenues of search can open up, and we can be re-inspired by this “Inspiration Information*”.

* by Shuggie Otis


Participating Artists (left to right, row by row):

Stephen Maine | Richard Bottwin | Paul Corio | Joanne Mattera

Kevin Finklea | Billy Gruner & Sarah Keighery | Linda Arts | Erik Saxon

Henry Brown | Rory MacArthur | Melanie Crader | Matthew Deleget

Daniel Argyle | Li-Trincere | Chris Ashley | Linda Francis

Sylan Lionni | Shinsuke Aso | Douglas Melini | Brent Hallard

Lynne Harlow | Guido Winkler | Michael Zahn | Karen Schifano

Lynne Eastaway | Daniel Göttin | Simon Ingram | Daniel Feingold


VIEWLIST is our online project space where we invite artists and others to curate a visual essay of images. VIEWLIST exhibitions are experimental and usually thematic, and can include art works spanning various time periods, movements, and geographic locations. Exhibitions may also include ideas and images from disciplines outside of the visual arts. With VIEWLIST, we’ve created a venue that focuses exclusively on ideas, a kind of idealized curatorial space, where exhibition budgets, loans and acquisitions of art works, timelines, and all other logistics are set aside.



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  1. Chris Ashley says:

    Shuggie’s dad, the great Johnny Otis, a Bay Area native, had a Saturday morning radio show on Berkeley’s KPFA for several years, ending in 2006, on which, besides playing great music and having terrific guests, he used to talk about organic gardening; he was ahead of his time: inspiration information .

  2. brent hallard says:

    Thanks Karen and Matthew. I enjoyed peeking into each artist’s snippet of ‘hone in’ spot.

  3. Thanks, Karen, for conceiving this totally engaging Viewlist. And thanks, Matthew, for posting it. Studio visits are always fascinating. Thirty years of visiting artists’ lofts and workspaces and I’m still not tired of seeing where and how they work. This Viewlist, while not a studio visit, neverthless offers tantalizing glimpses of our thought and process. It’s particularly fascinating because we all share similar formal concerns in our work. I’m struck–though not surprised–by the connections in geometry, repetition and order. Thanks for including me.

  4. This has been such a great experience, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone participating, and to those sending in email responses. How about someone doing a project on music we listen to while working? Or reading lists ( a la Bookforum)?

  5. Great photo’s and project-thanks

    Karen-there is a beginning of a book list on my blog at with more book suggestions to add.

  6. Gloria Parsons says:

    I don’t think I have seen this described in such an informative way before. You actually have clarified this for me. Thank you!

  7. katinka mann says:

    The whole premise is very engaging. Thank you Karen for your intuitiveness in creating a very fascinating inside look at inspiration so rich and varied.
    Thank you Matthew for your support in posting it. It was a wonderful experience.

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