Martin Pfeifle: HEMMA, Project Initiative Tilburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands


Installation view

June 27 – July 12, 2009

PIT (Project Initiative Tilburg) presents its second international artist at the artspace Argument: Martin Pfeifle (1975). Pfeifle was born in Stuttgart and is currently living and working in Düsseldorf. After Tilman (US/BE) PIT invited Pfeifle to come to Tilburg. “HEMMA” is the name of his installation, one he’s specially making for the occasion. Pfeifle belongs to a group of international artists working in abstract manner that PIT closely follows and seeks collaborating with.

Martin Pfeifles works are cuts into space. Although they always relate to their location and are built in situ, his settings exist nevertheless as self referential sculptures. Pfeifles settings are sometimes difficult to take in as a whole and best glimpsed piece by piece and little by little, His work occurs with the aid of geometric fragmentation. He breaks down the things he sees as well as the things he constructs into smaller elements. The exhibition space itself becomes his topic and everyday possibilities are sequestered to resolve his artistic inquiries.

Last month Pfeifle released his new catalogue, a beautiful publication that gives a nice overview of his work. It´s not the first time Pfeifles work can be seen in the Netherlands. In 2007 Museum Valkhof in Nijmegen showed his work.

The abstract genre is alive as ever, rejuvenating you could say. PIT-curator Linda Arts states ” That alone deserves attention. All over the world PIT connects with comparable initiatives. In Sydney, Düsseldorf, New York, Paris, Tokyo…”

As a wandering art initiative, without a self owned space, PIT will frequent different places and spaces. Its primary goal is promoting the abstract genre by presenting artists who are mainly living outside the Netherlands and working in a reduced manner. Beside this PIT also wants to enhance the exchange with similar artinitiatives in the world. Later this year Kunstpodium T and artspace De Verschijning offer PIT their hospitality.