In Memoriam: Julian Dashper (1960-2009)


  Dear friends, It is with tremendous sadness that we post the passing of our dear friend and collaborator, New Zealand artist Julian Dashper (1960-2009).  Julian was one of the kindest, most generous, and optimistic individuals we’ve ever met.  MINUS SPACE brought him into our lives and we are proud to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with him, ever so briefly. Julian is survived by his partner Marie and son […]

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Sol LeWitt: 100 Views, by Susan Cross & Denise Markonish, Yale University Press, 2009


Click to purchase on Just picked up a copy of this new book at MASSMoCA this weekend. Beautiful book! And his wall painting retrospective is incredible. Published to accompany MASS MoCA’s landmark installation of LeWitt’s innovative wall drawings, this book celebrates the artist and his illustrious 50-year career. Denise Markonish is Curator at MASS MoCA. She is editor of Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape (MIT Press 2008) and coauthor of Chris Doyle: 50,000 Beds […]

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VIEWLIST: Bulletin Board: Inspiration Information, Conceived by Karen Schifano

Douglas Melini

Our third VIEWLIST exhibition is conceived by New York painter Karen Schifano.

The word “inspire” (originally meaning “to infuse with breath”) is a verb, but can also transform itself into a noun or adjective. It’s very active, and yet also implies being receptive, even demands openness, a readiness to receive, and a sharpening of perception and awareness. From one thing, there is a direct connection to another thing, a kind of touch that is nurturing, rich and full of promise. Potential becomes realization; we wake up rejuvenated, re-energized, and ready for action.

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Tilman: House of Colors, L’Atelier Soardi, Nice, France


Installation view June 27 – September 26, 2009 Freestyle or The art of surfing the abstract wave Tilman’s latest monochromes, whether one-off or in series, have an askew look to them; they would appear to have broken with geometric abstraction, with the purism of primary colours and with self-reference. While there is a hint of the shaped canvases of Ellsworth Kelly, in fact the syncopated silhouettes and acid tones of these Freeforms spontaneously evoke the […]

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Anne Appleby: Here We Are, Missoula Art Museum, Missoula, MT


July 8 – November 22, 2009 Internationally known artist Anne Appleby will be featured in the Lynda M. Frost Contemporary American Indian Art Gallery from July 7 through November 22. Appleby’s luminous, oil and wax paintings communicate through the formal language of color-field abstraction. Taking the viewer beyond this initial reference, the artist transforms what at a glance appear to be monochromatic panels, revealing subtly enlivened surfaces with incandescent layers of muted color. Each painting […]

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A Place of Ritual: An Interview with Patricia Zarate, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies, July 6, 2009


Brent Hallard: Out of location, a thing found – wonders in ways that form a new thing, in a different location – this is generally how I sense your various projects working. Patricia Zarate: It is my experience of a location or an object in a place that is important to me. I think that I’ve been concerned with taking an experience – a place in time, perception – a feeling or idea and translating […]

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Tim Stapel: A3, Galerie Andrieu, Berlin, Germany


Installation view June 26 – July 25, 2009 Recently graduated from the UdK Berlin, where he studied at the side of the Pr. Frank Badur, this young artist develops his works in the tradition of the Concrete and Constructivist art. In his drawings, paintings, sculptures, the geometry based-composition modulates the outlines, structures and colours to create infinite variations of the original motifs. Conceived especially for the exhibition, this project includes a huge wall painting running […]

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Sanford Wurmfeld: E-Cyclorama, Immersed in Color, Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY


Sanford Wurmfeld, E-Cyclorama, 2007-2008 Installation view, Edinburgh College of Art Photo: Antonia Reeve May 31 – July 19, 2009 “To describe E-Cyclorama as a painting by Sanford Wurmfeld on the inside of a huge cylinder is to miss the point. This massive panorama of color, viewed by stepping inside the cylinder, makes it possible to experience the power, dynamics and beauty of color. On the cylinder’s walls, color moves through the entire spectrum, but the […]

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Harmonious Life: Interview with Steve Reich, by Dan Fox & Mark Godfrey, Frieze Magazine, October 2006


Just came across this interview with Steve Reich published in Frieze Magazine back in 2006: “Steve Reich is one of the most important American composers of the past 40 years. With influences including Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, John Coltrane, African drumming, Balinese Gamelan and Hebrew sacred music, Reich’s music has been a major inspiration for subsequent generations of musicians such as Brian Eno, Bang On a Can and Sunn0))). Often misdescribed as ‘minimalist’, Reich’s music […]

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Sydney Non Objective Fundraiser & Silent Auction


Jurek Wybraniec, Surrogate (Pillow-like template for despair, Blue + Pink combo 1), 2009 Enamel on vinyl, 40 x 40 x 9 cm SNO 50 Fundraiser – Silent Auction Over 50 Australian & Internationals All bids finalized at 5pm, Sunday, July 26, 2009. All bids enter at $100, with no reserve. Viewing throughout July. Opening reception: Saturday, July 4, 3-6pm Bids can also be placed via an online form at or in person at SNO centre at: […]

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Martin Pfeifle: HEMMA, Project Initiative Tilburg, Tilburg, The Netherlands


Installation view June 27 – July 12, 2009 PIT (Project Initiative Tilburg) presents its second international artist at the artspace Argument: Martin Pfeifle (1975). Pfeifle was born in Stuttgart and is currently living and working in Düsseldorf. After Tilman (US/BE) PIT invited Pfeifle to come to Tilburg. “HEMMA” is the name of his installation, one he’s specially making for the occasion. Pfeifle belongs to a group of international artists working in abstract manner that PIT […]

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