Julian Dashper in As If We Never Met, Paintlust Project Space, Christchurch, New Zealand



Installation view

May 30 – June 13, 2009

Curated by Andre Hemer, ‘As if we never met’ pulls together three painters of distinct yet interconnected practices. These painters are not a peer group, being based in Taipei, Auckland, and Christchurch respectively- however their work each responds to painting process as a vehicle for exchange and discourse. Like a long-distance relationship, points of understanding and difference between the works come in equal measure- dislocation and a sense of cultural ambiguity permeates these works. Dashper’s reductive section of film from the final moments of a past Venice Biennale confronts the optical and visually chaotic riffs of Lee Szu Hui’s repeated graphic iconography and canvases. Meanwhile Calder bridges the space with a work compromised of paint and wooden packing crates, alluding to the transient yet remaining materially instigating and unyielding.

Paintlust Project Space is the first in a series of temporary projects spaces and exhibitions that will move from country to country under the direction of different artists and curators involved with the international collective ‘Paintlust’.

Paintlust is an international artist collective with members from NZ, Korea, Taiwan and Spain. Paintlust Project Space will exist in NZ until mid-July 2009, and during this time will show a mix of international and local artists. Paintlust aims to promote practices that explore new possibilities in contemporary painting, against a time in which location and nationality do not necessarily go hand in hand.