Mark Dagley in GeoMetrics II, Gallery 128, New York, NY



Works by Joanne Mattera

March 18 – April 19, 2009

Gallery 128 is pleased to announce the opening of the group show, GeoMetrics II, curated by artist Gloria Klein. The exhibition brings together twelve artists from around the country who explore the geometric idiom.

A feature of the exhibition is the wide range within which these artists explore and express geometric abstraction. While some reflect structures found in nature, others use mathematical systems of organization, yet others take a more intuitive approach, focusing on color or measuring by eye and hand. The work reflects personal aesthetics from minimal to maximal.

The twelve artists in GeoMetrics II are all participants in Geoform,* an online curatorial project that explores the diverse ways contemporary artists use geometric form in their abstract artwork. The artists are:

Steven Alexander (PA)
Laura Battle ( NY)
Mark Dagley (NJ)
Julie Gross (NY)
Julie Karabenick (MI)
Gloria Klein (NY)
Michael Knutson (OR)
Joanne Mattera (NY)
Bruce Pollock (PA)
Lynda Ray (NY)
Larry Spaid (PA)
Lorien Suarez (CA)

*Geoform is an online scholarly resource, international forum and curatorial project that focuses on the use of geometric form and structure in contemporary abstract art. Geoform explores, documents and celebrates the rich diversity of style and aesthetic intent that characterizes this broad vein of contemporary abstraction.