Everyday Composed: An Interview with Shinsuke Aso, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, March 18, 2009


  Brent: Of course the first impression I get with your collage work (we may as well start there) is that it rings Japanese: The color, the quirkiness, and freshness – the level and sense of reserve and adornment. Though that’s too simple. Quirkiness and perhaps freshness has been picked up, more fetishized, by western media, so we’ll leave that for a moment. And as you are not in Japan, and have settled in a […]

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Linda Francis, Don Voisine, Joan Waltemath & Michael Zahn, Galeria Janet Kurnatowski, Brooklyn, NY


  Linda Francis, Neutron Star, 2008 Oil on Wood, 72 x 72 inches March 27 – April 26, 2009 Janet Kurnatowski presents the exhibition Linda Francis, Don Voisine, Joan Waltemath, Michael Zahn. This show takes a focused look at four paintings, each one emblematic of a practice whose commitment to the medium has been a specific force in the development of an individual oeuvre. What the works have in common is the creation of an […]

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Jennifer Riley: To Be A Thing In This World, LaViolaBank Gallery, New York, NY


  Jennifer Riley, Modernissimo, 2009 Oil on canvas, 38 x 44 inches March 26 – April 25, 2009 LaViolaBank Gallery presents To Be A Thing in This World, the first solo exhibition of Brooklyn painter Jennifer Riley. Comprised of oil paintings that vary in scale and format, Riley employs the basic elements of line, plane and ground to investigate concepts of painterly language with abstract and figurative imagery that speaks to a cosmic timetable. Riley’s longtime interest in classical […]

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Mel Prest: Sky Black Ray, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA


  Mel Prest, Uyo, 2008 Gouache on Fabriano paper, 18 x 18 inches March 25 – May 2, 2009 Gregory Lind Gallery presents “Sky Black Ray,” a collection of new works by San Francisco-based artist, Mel Prest. The exhibit reestablishes Prest’s interest in the creation of structure-spaces, manufactured by the charting and projection of language, light, and sound. “Sky Black Ray” refers to a series of concepts that Prest explores in her new body of […]

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Liz Shreeve: Boxing Light, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


  Liz Shreeve, 81 Light Boxes, 2009 Gesso, acrylic and wax on wood, 180 x 180 x 5 cm (no web site)  April 9-18, 2009 Liz Shreeve’s paradoxically subtle and astonishing works make the viewer consciously aware of ambient light and the beauty of sight. In Boxing Light, wall mounted and free standing structures transform the available light into soft clouds of glowing colour.

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Mark Dagley’s Painting on New Lemonheads Album Cover


  Artist Mark Dagley’s work graces the cover of the new Lemonheads album “Varshons”, due out on June 23.   Here’s more from The End Records’ web site: Gibby Haynes Produced Collection Features Covers of Songs by Gram Parsons, Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, G.G. Allin, Wire, July, and More. The Lemonheads have signed to Brooklyn, NY-based The End Records and will be releasing their long-awaited covers collection, Varshons, on June 23, 2009. It makes sense that the […]

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Mark Dagley in GeoMetrics II, Gallery 128, New York, NY


  Works by Joanne Mattera March 18 – April 19, 2009 Gallery 128 is pleased to announce the opening of the group show, GeoMetrics II, curated by artist Gloria Klein. The exhibition brings together twelve artists from around the country who explore the geometric idiom. A feature of the exhibition is the wide range within which these artists explore and express geometric abstraction. While some reflect structures found in nature, others use mathematical systems of […]

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The Carnival and Serene: Richard Roth, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, March 26, 2009


    Richard Roth, Full Cleveland, 2007 Flashe on Birch plywood 11 3/8 x 8 x 4 inches Brent Hallard: It seems to me that no matter where you position yourself to take these paintings in there are always two states forthcoming, though perhaps not always on view at the same time. Separately these different moods evoke, for example in ‘Full Cleveland’ or ‘Happy Hour’, the carnival and serene. When the two states mesh, it’s generally […]

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Color Exchange: Gabriele Evertz, Julian Jackson, Susanne Jung & Gabriele Schade-Hasenberg, Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY


  Gabriele Evertz, Four Blues + Green, 2008 Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 inches March 27 – April 26, 2009 Berlin-New York FOUR PAINTERS / FOUR POSITIONS Organized by Gabriele Evertz and Galerie Parterre Berlin Full color brochure catalog in English and German with an essay by Matthias Bleyl Metaphor Contemporary Art presents the exhibition COLOR EXCHANGE: BERLIN / NEW YORK featuring the work of four painters; Gabriele Evertz, Julian Jackson, Susanne Jung and Gabriele […]

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Recent Brooklyn Rail Posts


  Piero Manzoni, Achrome, 1961-62 Artificial fiber, 24 3/16 × 18 1/8 inches Photo Archivio Opera Piero Manzoni Courtesy Gagosian Gallery March 2009 The Last Breath of Piero Manzoni, by Robert C. Morgan Chris Martin: Works on Paper at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, by John Yau Imi Knoebel at Mary Boone Gallery, by John Yau Philip Guston: 1954-1958 at L&M Arts, by John Yau The Art World on Facebook: A Primer, by Sharon L. Butler   […]

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Karoline Broeckel: Drawings, Galerie Werner Klein, Cologne, Germany


  Karoline Broeckel’s studio March 21 – April 30, 2009 “In spring when the swallows return, I begin to draw their flight paths. As my eyes following a single swallow, my hand guides the pencil. A line appears on the paper. In my drawings, I visualise dynamics that I preceive in my everyday life, often found in nature: ants pathing by, rain falling down, snowflakes tumbling down, or branches of a birch tree in the wind. I […]

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Piet Tuytel: 51° 34′ 4″ N 5° 4′ 29″ E, Museum De Pont, Tilburg, The Netherlands


  March 21 – May 17, 2009 Some sculptures appropriate space, while others structure and define it. The works of Piet Tuytel (Alblasserdam, 1956) are among the latter sort. Tuytel likes the flat landscape of the polders, whose emptiness is made palpable by the occasional appearance of a farm or a power pylon. At times even those sparse elements are missing and you need—as he says—to start slamming poles in the ground in order to […]

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Troy Dugas: New Label Work, Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA


  Troy Dugas, Falstaff, 2009 Beer labels, 60 x 60 inches March 7 – 28, 2009 The Arthur Roger Gallery presents, “New Label Work,” an exhibition of works by Troy Dugas. By cutting and arranging printed materials such as vintage product labels on flat surfaces, Troy Dugas alters the original meaning of these printed images to create intricate radical structures. These constructions appear woven and imitate the appearance of hand-woven lace or scrupulously handcrafted fabrics. […]

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Manfred Mohr: Generative Arbeiten, Galerie Lausberg, Dusseldorf, Germany


  Manfred Mohr, Laserglyph, 1992 Steel/painted, 110 x 130 cm March 13 – April 30, 2009 “Since 1968, I exclusively work with a computer and therefore with the logic of a programming language to create art. Through this radical approach in creating my art which I consider an important part of my contribution to a systematic art, I learned an astonishing new way of thinking about my work. In fact, the computer became a physical […]

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TRANSformal, Pharmaka, Los Angeles, CA


  Works by Leo Hurzlmeir, Richard Schur & Brent Hallard (l to r) March 12 – May 2, 2009 Exhibiting artists: Kasarian Dane, Stephan Fritsch, Brent Hallard, Leo Hurzlmeir, Robin McDonnell, Mel Prest, Richard Schur, Nancy White, John Zurier 
 Pharmaka is pleased to present “TRANS:formal” the Los Angeles manifestation in a series of traveling shows by nine artists from Germany, Japan and the United States who are all engaged in a dialogue about Abstraction […]

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Roland Schimmel: Subliminal Reset, Witzenhausen Gallery, New York, NY


  March 26 – April 25, 2009 Over the last two decades, Dutch artist Roland Schimmel (*1954) has produced a compelling oeuvre of abstract paintings to which digital animations have been added more recently (these films are “illustrated” by music of composer David Lopato). What the works have in common is the exploration of sensorial frontiers. the paintings and animations depict optical structures or fields, in which the soft contours of shimmering haloes and hard […]

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Christopher Dean, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


  Christopher Dean, Middle Age Hard Edge Abstractionist from St Marys Seeking Same, 2007 Oil on canvas, 45 x 45 cm  Photo: Adam Hollingworth & Blacktown Arts Centre March 26 – April 4, 2009 Factory 49 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney, 2204 Three Pink Monochromes (a work in progress) The first pink monochromes were made in 1993 and since this time Dean has continued to explore and experiment with this concept. The combination of the tradition […]

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François Morellet: Morellet-Milan 49 années, A arte Studio Invernizzi, Milan, Italy


  March 19 – May 8, 2009 On 19 March 2009, an exhibition of works by the French artist François Morellet will open at the A arte Studio Invernizzi gallery. The exhibition, which will take place in the gallery’s enlarged and renovated premises, will centre around a group of important works reflecting the artist’s most recent output and designed in relation to the exhibition space. In order to stress the close relationship of the works with […]

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Gudrun Mertes-Frady: New Paintings, Cynthia-Reeves Gallery, New York, NY


  Gudrun Mertes-Frady, Still Point, 2008 Oil and metallic pigments on canvas, 68 x 72 inches March 26 – April 25, 2009 CYNTHIA-REEVES opens an exhibition of new paintings by Gudrun Mertes-Frady. In Gudrun Mertes-Frady’s newest body of work, the artist furthers her geometric visual language by offering canvases with tremendous depth and a rich use of light. For this series, Mertes-Frady incorporates metallic pigment into the background paint, giving the entire canvas a sense […]

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Simon Dybbroe Møller: Kompendium, Kunstverein Hannover, Germany


  March 14 – May 17, 2009 The Kunstverein Hannover and the Frankfurter Kunstverein present the first comprehensive solo show of Danish artist Simon Dybbroe Møller (*1976, Århus) in Germany. Simon Dybbroe Møller subjects twentieth-century avant-garde to a subjective revision in his work. His installations, photographs and films allude to a seemingly astonishing precision in the accidental; convey by transformation, manipulation or mirroring, a mystical aura to the putatively logical. He is interested in the […]

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Nelleke Beltjens: Fragments of the Parts, Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Germany


  Nelleke Beljens, Fragments of the parts #1, 2008 Ink on paper, 140 x 225 cm March 13 – April 17, 2009 Galerie Christian Lethert presents a solo exhibition of drawings by Nelleke Beltjens (born in 1974), shown for the first time at our gallery. It also marks the first solo presentation in Germany for this Dutch artist. Her sculptures and drawings have been attracting international attention for years now, especially in the United States where she […]

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Michelle Grabner: Silverpoint Drawings with Guest Mobile, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


March 14 – May 3, 2009 The Green Gallery East presents new silverpoint drawings by Michelle Grabner with a mobile by Brad Killam. Michelle Grabner’s paintings and silverpoints index the essentialism of time. Created with lines, marks, ticks, points, and dots Grabner’s compositions are simply organized, accumulated, and sequenced, thus leaving virtually no space for the imagination or invention. There is nothing signified or expressed – nothing to be interpreted – only a methodical indication […]

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Mark Dagley solo exhibition The Taylor Swift Collection, Bar Olivino, Brooklyn, NY


  Opening: Sunday, March 15, 5pm Bar Olivino 899 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY C or G to Clinton/Washington Avenue station Organized by artist Michael Zahn, Bar Olivino is presents Hills Like White Elephants, a new bi-weekly series featuring the work of the following artists: Mark Dagley Sunday, March 15  Jeremy Blakeslee Sunday, March 29 Christine Krol Sunday, April 5 Nora Griffin Sunday, April 26 Jeffrey Schad & Vincent Szarek Sunday, May 10 Timothy Buckwalter Sunday, May […]

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National Endowment for the Arts Announces Research on Artist Unemployment Rates


  Ilya Bolotowsky, WPA Mural Williamsburg Housing Project, 1936 Liquitex on canvas, 82 x 204 inches Washington, D.C. — Unemployment rates are up among working artists and the artist workforce has contracted, according to new research from the National Endowment for the Arts. Artists in a Year of Recession: Impact on Jobs in 2008 examines how the economic slowdown has affected the nation’s working artists. The study looks at artist employment patterns during two spikes […]

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John M. Armleder: Olivier Mosset New Paintings, Galerie Andrea Caratsch, Zurich, Switzerland


  Installation view March 7 – March 28, 2009 “I believe the work that is considered to be mine is someone else’s…anybody’s… the whole world. My work is a cultural event, an inevitable event. If all artists were to disappear, art would be produced by others with a different understanding, different means and different materials. As an individual, an artist simply fills a void. He is the means to an end, so that this arrangement, this accumulation of events […]

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Susan Hiller, Index the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden


February 4 – March 29, 2009 Curated by Denise Robinson and Mats Stjernstedt, Index presents the work of Susan Hiller with a focus on the installation Magic Lantern (1987) and Triplet (1991 – 2009). An influential figure in British and European art over the past four decades, Hiller’s work can be framed in terms of Arte Povera and Conceptual Art as well as her early history in anthropology, however it is her engagement with Surrealism – […]

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Yayoi Kusama: Mirrored Years, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia


  Yayoi Kusama, Fireflies on the Water 2000 Light bulbs, water, mirror room, 300 x 450 x 450 cm Collection: FNAC, France Image courtesy the artist, Victoria Miro Gallery, London, and Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo Until June 8, 2009 Yayoi Kusama: Mirrored Years explores the extraordinary work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (born 1929 Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture, Japan). The exhibition reveals the coherence of her practice over many decades and highlights the freshness […]

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Maximal Minimal, Gallery Andreas Grimm, Munich, Germany


Daniel Robert Hunziker, Corner, 2009 142 x 125 x 75 cm March 13 – May 9, 2009 Andreas Grimm München presents MAXIMAL MINIMAL featuring artists Robert Dowling, Terry Haggerty, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Donald Judd, David Renggli, Stefan Sandner, Sebastian Wickeroth & Claudia Wieser. The title of the exhibition is meant to juxtapose the term ‘Minimal Art’ with its antonym ‘Maximal’, not as a paradox or contradiction, but rather as a combination of thoughts on the nature […]

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Meet Mateo Deleget-Martinez!


  Dear friends, It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Mateo Deleget-Martinez.  He was born on Thursday, March 5, 2009, at 12:22pm, at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. 7 pounds, 5 ounces, 20.5 inches long.   Rossana and Mateo returned home again on Saturday, March 7, and everyone is happy and healthy.  I can’t wait for you to meet him. Many, many thanks for all your well wishes! Matthew (Rossana & Mateo)

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Tony Delap: Modern Times, Royale Projects, Indian Wells, CA


  Tony Delap, Modern Times III, 1966 Wood, fiberglas and lacquer, 32 x 84 x 38 inches  March 7 – April 4, 2009 Pushing the edges, often literally, of his primary disciplines, artist Tony DeLap has dedicated close to half a century to exploring the seam between sculpture and painting, merging the boarders of architecture, design and art, reducing to the most basic expression of form, shape, scale and color, while remaining devoted to the […]

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