Drawing Lines: Kate Beck, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, February 4, 2009



Brent: Kate, your pencil line drawings, either vertical lines or horizontal, always not the two together [?]: The framing device, the format and its edge seem to create the plus minus balance. How do you work on them? I noticed on your homepage that you had an image of quite a large one sitting flat on a bench top.

Kate: Shape is very intriguing to me and sets the scale for each piece, which is specific to each individual surface. All of the line work is in response to shape. When I first started making these, Brent, I spent a lot of tedious time drawing boxes – four connected lines – trying to perfect the exact size and shape within the surface before working the line. I was always at odds with my material because, you know, beautiful paper has an aspect of life in it; it’s not perfect. Trying to force a perfect line went against the nature of the material. This created a false tension on the drawing surface because the white space – the space not marked within the surface – is a critical component to the works, it’s not simply left out; empty. To get closer to my work, I have had to let go of creating these pre-shapes which has allowed a more natural relationship to transpire between the paper, and my hand. I think the resulting shape and scale is both more sensitive, and dynamic…