Alexander Rodchenko & Lyubov Popova: Defining Constructivism, Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom


  Alexander Rodchenko, Popova’s Studio, 1924 Private collection © A Rodchenko & V Stepanova Archive February 12 – May 17, 2009 The Russian Revolution was accompanied by a remarkable period of artistic experiment known as Constructivism, which questioned the fundamental properties of art and asked what its place should be in a new society. The Constructivists challenged the idea of the work of art as a unique commodity, explored more collective ways of working, and […]

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Rudolf Stingel, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, NY


  Rudolf Stingel, Untitled (#4), 1989 Oil and enamel on black and white photograph Image size: 7 5/8 x 9 5/8 inches Frame size: 18 1/2 x 14 1/4 inches February 20 – March 21, 2009 Paula Cooper Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by internationally acclaimed artist Rudolf Stingel. In utilizing, and often de-mystifying, what seem to be radically varied techniques of abstraction, photo-realism and installation, Rudolf Stingel’s work has taken aim at the […]

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Voids, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France


  February 25 – March 23, 2009 A quite exceptional event, “Vides” (Voids) is a retrospective of empty exhibitions since that of Yves Klein in 1958. In almost a dozen rooms of the National Museum of Modern Art, it assembles in a totally original manner exhibitions that showed absolutely nothing, leaving empty the space for which they were designed. The idea of exhibiting emptiness is a recurring notion in the history of art over the […]

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Apparently Invisible: Selections Spring 2009, The Drawing Center, New York, NY


  Michaela Frühwirth, Untitled, 2007 Pencil on paper, 62 x 156 inches February 20 – March 28, 2009 The Drawing Center will present Apparently Invisible: Selections Spring 2009 featuring works by nine artists selected from the Viewing Program: Susan Collis, Marietta Hoferer, Janine Magelssen, Michaela Frühwirth, Sarah Kabot, Chris Nau, Elana Herzog, Anne Lindberg, and Janet Passehl. The pieces included in the exhibition skirt the edge of perception and cognition, requiring a recalibration of the […]

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Richard Schur: Islands, Ars Agenda, Munich, Germany


  Richard Schur, Speed of Night (Study), 2009 Acrylic on masonite, 28 x 36 cm February 28 – April 30, 2009 As artist in residence of the internationally renowned CENTRO CULTURAL ANDRATX Richard Schur spent January 2009 on the island of Mallorca. During this time he designed the series ISLANDS which forms a self-contained cycle of nine images, associated by impressively continued openness and refinement. The island is a place of desire offering safety within the […]

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Interview with Michael Brennan, by Jacob Gossett, Kollektiv magazine, 2009


  Michael Brennan: Knife Paintings MINUS SPACE project space, Brooklyn, 2006 Skeleton Star, Knife Painting #3 (left) Bishop, Knife Painting #2 (right)   Jacob Gossett: How long have you been teaching here at Pratt and what brought you to this school?   Michael Brennan: I’ve been teaching here for 10 years—I went here for MFA from ’90 to 92. I was out of Pratt for several years, showing some and doing a lot of writing […]

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Ib Geertsen, 90th Birthday Exhibition: Mobiles, Paintings & Screenprints, Rocket Gallery, London, United Kingdom


  Installation view February 6 – March 28, 2009 Jonathan Stephenson / Rocket presents the first ever solo exhibition in London of the iconic Danish artist Ib Geertsen. He has just celebrated his ninetieth birthday. Geertsen has been painting for over 70 years. This exhibition celebrates his work of the last four decades when it expanded to include mobile sculptures, screenprints, furniture and public design projects. He has even designed the livery of a Copenhagen bus […]

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Nancy Haynes: Dissolution, Elizabeth Harris Gallery, New York, NY


  Nancy Haynes, Shadow Syndrome, 2008 Oil on linen, 20 x 26 inches February 12 – March 14, 2009 Elizabeth Harris Gallery presents dissolution, an exhibition of paintings made over the past year by Nancy Haynes. In her first New York exhibit in nine years, Haynes furthers her inquiry into the nature of space and light in non-representational painting. The sensitive, at times almost reticent fields of dark, modulated colors create a spectral range of […]

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The Boom Is Over. Long Live the Art!, by Holland Cotter, The New York Times, February 15, 2009


    Meredith Monk performing her piece “Juice” at the Guggenheim Museum in 1969, Estate of Peter Moore/VAGA, Courtesy of the Paula Cooper Gallery “…It’s day-job time again in America, and that’s O.K. Artists have always had them — van Gogh the preacher, Pollock the busboy, Henry Darger the janitor — and will again. The trick is to try to make them an energy source, not a chore. At the same time, if the example of past crises holds […]

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NEA is in! Republicans are out!


  Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn needs more blood in his brain so he’ll start thinking more clearly about the arts A Letter from Americans for the Arts (February 13, 2009) Just moments ago, the U.S. House of Representatives approved their final version of the Economic Recovery bill by a vote of 246-183. We can now confirm that the package DOES include $50 million in direct support for arts jobs through National Endowment for the Arts […]

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Alexandra Dementieva: Alien Space, CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium

  Alexandra Dementieva at CCNOA on Vimeo February 13 – March 8, 2009 Alexandra Dementieva (b. 1960 in Moscow; lives and works in Brussels) studied journalism and fine arts in Moscow and Brussels. Her main interests focus on social psychology and perception and their application in multimedia interactive installations. Her videowork integrates different elements including behavioral psychology, developing narrative using a ’subjective camera’. Her interactive installation projects attempt to widen the mind’s potential for perception using different production […]

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Garth Weiser, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, NY


  Installation view February 12 – March 21, 2009 Casey Kaplan is pleased to announce a new series of work by New York based artist, Garth Weiser. For the first time, the artist will take over the full space of the gallery with a viscerally compelling body of paintings. Expanding upon the underlying use of the grid throughout the history of painting and architecture, Garth Weiser’s artworks challenge the nature of perception by continually questioning the process of […]

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Cildo Meireles, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Barcelona, Spain


  Cildo Meireles, Cruzeiro do Sul, 1969-70 Courtesy of the artist February 11 – April 26, 2009 The MACBA presents the largest exhibition in Spain of the Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles. On the floor, a sea of broken glass, which crackles and crunches underfoot time and time again. Before your eyes, a maze in which there are no walls, only prison bars, fences, curtains, aquariums with translucent fish swimming around, their bones easily visible to the naked […]

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VIEWLIST: I Can Read in Red, I Can Read in Blue, I Can Read in Pickle Color Too, Conceived by Douglas Melini

Nicholas Krushenick, Jungle Jim Lieberman, 1969, acrylic on canvas, 82 x 72 inches

Our first VIEWLIST exhibition is conceived by Brooklyn-based painter Douglas Melini.

Trying to make sense of color can be so difficult. I guess a big reason is that there has been very little written about it to help us out. I'm always grouping my experiences, and ideas about color together; making lists of my thoughts, categorizing them, hoping that somehow this process will help me achieve a better understanding of what color means to me.

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Max Neuhaus, Who Made Aural Artwork, Dies at 69, by Bruce Weber, The New York Times, February 9, 2009


  Listeners at Max Neuhaus’ Water Whistle III St. Paul YMCA, 1972 Sponsor: Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis “Max Neuhaus, a percussionist known for creating site-specific works of “sound sculpture,” allowing unsuspecting passers-by to come upon musical sounds in unlikely places, died Tuesday in Maratea, a coastal town in southern Italy, where he lived. He was 69…” Max Neuhaus’ web site

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Linda Francis: Interference

Installation view of Linda Francis: Interference, MINUS SPACE project space, Brooklyn, NY, 2009

February 2009

MINUS SPACE is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by New York artist Linda Francis. Francis will show a single painting conceived in three parts for the project space.

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  Yo Mo’Modernism 2 from ccnoa on Vimeo.   An Important Note from CCNOA, Brussels, Belgium: Dear All, We have just received preliminary notification (pre-advies) of the intention of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap to discontinue structural funding for CCNOA as of 31 December 2009. Without this subsidy it will be impossible for us to continue operating. After more than 10 years of commitment and a continuously expanding program CCNOA will be obliged to close its doors. […]

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New York State Council on the Arts Receives $7 Million Cut


  New York State Capitol, Albany A Letter from the Alliance of New York State Arts Organizations The 2008-09 New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) budget news is very disappointing and frustrating. The Governor’s proposed deficit reduction bill was passed on Tuesday February 3. The $7 million is gone! The word is that the organizations in the October and December funding cycles that did not receive funding as a result of this cut […]

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Upcoming Exhibitions, Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary


  Vasarely Museum (no web site) February 11 – April 26, 2008 Atelier OSAS Participating Artists: Tibor Gayor, Istvan Haasz, Istvan Haraszty, Katalin Hetey, Tamas Konok, Dora Maurer, Vera Molnar, Istvan Nadler & Judith Nemes. For more information about OSAS / Open Structures Art Society. A Bit of America Participating Artists: Robert Barry, Max Cole, Sol Lewitt, Robert Mangold, David Rabinowitch, James Reineking, Ed Ruscha, Richard Serra, Phil Sims, Roy Thurston, Shawn Wallis & Jerry Zeniuk.

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Gardar Eide Einarsson, Davis Rhodes, and Stanley Whitney, Team Gallery, New York, NY


  Installation view with works by David Rhodes (standing work at left) and Gardar Eide Einarsson (four works on wall) January 8 – February 14, 2009 Team presents a three-person exhibition of new work by Gardar Eide Einarsson, Davis Rhodes and Stanley Whitney. Ostensibly a three-person show of paintings, this grouping of works might appear at first glance to hang together solely on formal terms — stability battles de-centralization, the presence of vibrant color engages […]

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Carl Ostendarp: Pulled Up: RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island


  Carl Ostendarp, Aaarrgh, 2009 (detail) February 13 – August 23, 2009 The RISD Museum of Art presents Carl Ostendarp, “Pulled Up,” an exhibition in its Lower Farago Gallery that not only borrows its title but also its optimism from the 1977 Talking Heads song of the same name. “Pulled Up” will feature works chosen by the artist from the Museum’s collection together with new paintings of his own. Ostendarp (American, b.1961) has taught and […]

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Simon Ingram: Boing Boom Tschak, Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


February 3-25, 2009 In Boing Boom Tschak, Simon Ingram draws together two parallel lines of inquiry with the resulting works exhibiting an intriguing painterly dialogue. The exhibition includes paintings that the artist has created by hand according to simple sets of machine like rules i.e. the ‘artist as machine’. Juxtaposed alongside these are self-making painting machines, developed and constructed by Ingram i.e. the ‘machine as artist’. Both procedures generate exquisite painterly monochromatic compositions, whether machine […]

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Economic Recovery Package: Write Your Members of Congress


  Barack Obama’s Inauguration A Letter from Americans for the Arts On January 28, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed their version of the Economic Recovery Package by a vote of 244 to 188 which successfully included $50 million in supplemental grants funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)! This provision was threatened throughout the House process by opponents of the NEA who questioned its effectiveness in providing economic stimulus. Today, the […]

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Drawing Lines: Kate Beck, by Brent Hallard, Visual Discrepancies blog, February 4, 2009


    Brent: Kate, your pencil line drawings, either vertical lines or horizontal, always not the two together [?]: The framing device, the format and its edge seem to create the plus minus balance. How do you work on them? I noticed on your homepage that you had an image of quite a large one sitting flat on a bench top. Kate: Shape is very intriguing to me and sets the scale for each piece, […]

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Ed Ruscha / Peter Wegner: Pictures of the Prosaic, Royale Projects, Indian Wells, CA


  Peter Wegner, Photograph, 2007 “crossword”, from “Words Series” series (set of 6 different photos) 13 x 19 inches, edition of 12 February 1 – March 1, 2009 Royale Projects announces an exhibition that searches for beauty in the commonplace presenting photographic prints by two generations of American artists who embrace multiple mediums in their concept based work. Born in 1937 Ed Ruscha’s work reflects the banality of life and the urban environment giving order to the barrage […]

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Glenn Ligon: Nobody and Other Songs, Thomas Dane Gallery, London, United Kingdom


  Installation view January 29 – March 7, 2009 Thomas Dane Gallery announces Glenn Ligon’s second exhibition at the gallery. Entitled “‘Nobody and Other Songs”, the show will feature a video work, two neons and a suite of photogravures. The video, “The Death of Tom,” is based on the final scene from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Edwin S. Porter’s 14-minute silent film made for the Thomas A. Edison studio in 1903. Shot on 16 mm black […]

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Constructivismes, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


  Works by Burgoyne Diller January 23 – March 6, 2009 Featuring artists Matthias Bitzer, Liz Deschenes, Burgoyne Diller, Dan Flavin, Raymond Hains, Yuichi Higashionna , Gregor Hildebrandt, Akira Kanayama, Barbara Kasten, Camilla Low, Sherrie Levine, Kasimir Malevich, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Anthony Pearson, Florian Pumhosl, R.H. Quaytman, Eileen Quinlan, Anselm Reyle, Alexander Rodchenko, Haim Steinbach, Frank Stella & Katja Strunz.

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Martin Creed, Hauser & Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland


  Martin Creed, Work No. 876 Cardboard boxes, 107 x 60 x 47 inches January 24 – March 7, 2009 “My work is a comfort to me, something reliable, like a measuring tape next to the ever-changing world. It’s a helping hand, something to hold on to.” — Martin Creed Martin Creed’s practice asserts a continuity between artistic gesture and everyday life. At Hauser & Wirth Zürich the ingredients that make up the art on view […]

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