Louis Cameron: Recent Videos, Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ



Louis Cameron, Sprite, 2008

January 7 – April 26, 2009

Using color as a primary signifier, or carrier of meaning, Louis Cameron has created numerous bodies of work that use the minimalist aesthetic to pointed ends of political, social, and economic concern. Working with the colors of commercial objects and corporate logos, the artist reduces all other information, including scale, text and form, to non-existence. Using both object and logo as aesthetic entities, he explores the meanings of the colors used and adapts them for his paintings. Working from an highly restricted and organized format, just as bands or squares of color, small tiles of color or even puzzle pieces, the artist re-creates the “sense” of packages of M&Ms candies, FedEx packaging, and various credit cards, among many others. In his videos, the artist uses time and delays filming in order to create the same sense of disordered familiarity seen in his paintings. Video works featured in the show are Heineken (2007), Orangina (2007) and Sprite (2008).

Click here for Louis Cameron’s YouTube channel.