Robert Irwin: Light and Space, White Cube, London, United Kingdom


Robert Irwin: Light and Space White Cube, London, UK, MINUS SPACE

Robert Irwin, Black³, 2008
Tergal voile, light construction, framing materials and paintings
(urethane paint and lacquer on aircraft honeycomb aluminum)
Dimensions variable. Each painting: 60 x 60 in.; Edition of 3

September 17 — October 19, 2008

For his exhibition at White Cube Mason’s Yard, Irwin has created two new installations. On the ground floor, Black³ features a series of floor-to-ceiling parallel scrim material panels, which the viewer must navigate, thereby altering the perceptual field of the space. In addition, Irwin has made subtle adjustments to the optical conditions of the room, as a means of altering the phenomenological experience of the work. Positioned on the west and east walls are two square lacquered black paintings, echoes of which reverberate through the space, transmitted on and through the perpendicular translucent screens.

In Light and Space II, located in the basement gallery, Irwin has created an installation with hundreds of fluorescent lights mounted at right angles in a non-repeating, grid-like formation. With no fixed focal point, the enveloping visual field resonates with geometric patterns, drawn by luminous lines, which redefine the characteristics of the space. Light and Space II brings together, in a large-scale but concise installation, the three principle points of reference throughout Irwin’s career: light, architecture and space.