Jac Leirner, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX


 Jac Leirner, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, TX, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

January 12 — March 1, 2008

Jac Leirner creates installations, sculptures, and mixed media pieces using everyday objects like business cards, plastic bags, cigarette packs and banknotes, which are meant to live in transit; they circulate within our society with their final purpose to be destroyed and taken out of circulation. She dislocates these items from their known context and injects them with new value simply by stopping this throwaway product cycle and collecting these items, which then become rejoined and eternalized within her work. Jac Leirner lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has been the recipient of awards such as the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship as well as residencies at the Walker Art Center, USA, and the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford. She is in the collection of many institutions such as The Guggenheim Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and the Museum of Modern Art, NY.