Daniel Jenkins, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


 Daniel Jenkins, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Daniel Jenkins, Concatenate 54 (CS 1957-D No.1), 2007
Acrylic, oil, mixed media on canvas, 122 x 122cm

January 30 — February 9, 2008

The word ‘concatenate’, which means to link or join together, is not only a title to each work in this series, it establishes a narrative from one work to the next. It also refers to its ties within the context of art history genres of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. With the juxtaposition of gesture and geometric or ‘hard-edged’ abstraction, is anything retrievable in order to construct a new dialogue? Working with the ideals of Non-Objective art allows a focus to explore more freely the fundamentals of order and disorder, composition, colour and surface. The presence of time or the evidence of process is also captured within a work as a remnant of the artists’ action. This is through the use of the gesture, layering and the residue that is left after the event.