Christopher Dean, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia


Christopher Dean, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Christopher Dean, Middle Age Hard Edge
Abstractionist from St Marys Seeking Same, 2007
Oil on canvas, 45 x 45cm

February 27 — March 8, 2007

This exhibition focuses on Christopher Dean’s ongoing examination of monochromatic painting using the colour pink. Since 1993 Dean has produced a highly diverse body of pink single colour paintings that have been made using a wide variety of materials and techniques. Some of the earlier works incorporate elements of collage including objects such as d’oyleys and felt lettering, while more recently painted text has become the primary object of investigation. Historically monochrome painting has been seen as something of an end game when it comes to expanding the boundaries of contemporary art. The main object of this exhibition is to demonstrate that even the most reductive forms of art have the potential to engage with contemporary culture in new and unexpected ways.