Mark Dagley in INDICA, Nyehaus, New York, NY


INDICA, Nyehaus, New York, NY, Mark Dagley, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Painting by Mark Dagley

November 8 — December 22, 2007

Nyehaus presents INDICA.  Acknowledged as the first experimental art space in London, John Dunbar’s Indica gallery, in existence from November ’65 – November ’67, was born into a far more uncynical time. Open for barely two full years, Indica (from ‘Indications’ – somewhere to go) set the controls for the heart of experimental art in Britain. During its short life, Indica encouraged collaboration and ‘free flow’ rather than competition. With groundbreaking shows by Takis, Mark Boyle, Julio Le Parc, Liliane Lijn, Jesus Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz-Diez and Yoko Ono, Indica was very much ‘of the moment’. A teenage Marc Bolan ran errands, Paul McCartney helped knock in nails. Polanski and Antonioni, Burroughs and Ginsberg hung out. International Times got started in the basement. John met Yoko there.

So Indica re-appears at Nyehaus, exhibiting one piece of work by each of the artists shown in the original gallery alongside a selection of responses by London’s and New York’s most adventurous and imaginative young art stars. Nyehaus becomes Indica. Temporarily. A chance to relive, revise and read up almost forty years to the day. The story begins Thursday, November 8th. Don’t miss it this time around.  Features work by The Action, Baschet Brothers, Boyle Family, Lourdes Castro, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Mark Dagley, Michael English, Juan Fontanive, Jaime Gili, The Graham Bond Organisation, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, Michael Horovitz, Janfamily, Nina Jan Beier, Marie Jan Lund, Chosil Kil, Aishleen Lester, Liliane Lijn, Francois Morellet, Yoko Ono, Takis, and Peter Whitehead.