Sharon Brant & Lynne Harlow in Material Matter, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


Material Matter, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Sharon Brant, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

September 8 — October 8, 2007

Sharon Brant, Untitled, 2000 
Enamel on canvas under handmade glass, framed, 24 x 24 x 2.25 inches

Curated by Kat Griefen, Director of AIR Gallery, from the membership of American Abstract Artists, the artists in Material Matter affirm the group’s openness to difference, both in form and theory, and its non-party line approach. Here, the organization’s legacy is manifested in the artists’ use of unlikely materials or use of traditional materials in unlikely ways. In itself, each work holds a multiplicity of meanings. Some challenge an aspect of American culture that privileges the answer over the question. Some choose the means over the ends. Each work is literally or figuratively open ended, subscribing only to its internal logic and suggesting one important aspect of abstraction’s currency – its potential to counter-balance the dogmatic.

The 22 artists in the exhibition are Alice Adams, Sharon Brant, Susan Bonfils, James O. Clark, Matthew Deleget, Gail Gregg, Lynne Harlow, Phillis Ideal, Marthe Keller, Stephen Maine, Nancy Manter, Rossana Martinez, Creighton Michael, Ray Oglesby, John Phillips, Lucio Pozzi, Leo Rabkin, James Seawright, Edward Shalala, Clover Vail, Rob van Erve, and Don Voisine. Works on view cover a range of mediums including painting, video, installation, and sculpture.