Escape from New York, Curated by Matthew Deleget, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia

August 3 – September 2, 2007

A group exhibition surveying reductive strategies by artists living in and around New York City. Each artist will present a single work, as well as an open letter to the artist community affiliated with Sydney Non Objective.

Participating Artists:
Soledad Arias, Richard Bottwin, Sharon Brant, Michael Brennan, Bibi Calderaro, Mark Dagley, Gabriele Evertz, Daniel Feingold, Kevin Finklea, Linda Francis, Zipora Fried, Julio Grinblatt, Lynne Harlow, Gilbert Hsiao, Andrew Huston, Steve Karlik, Daniel Levine, Sylvan Lionni, Rossana Martinez, Juan Matos Capote, Manfred Mohr, Karen Schifano, Edward Shalala, Robert Swain, Li-Trincere, Don Voisine, Douglas Witmer & Michael Zahn

> SNO 30

Escape from New York is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.  Funding has been generously provided by The Golden Rule Foundation.





Soledad Arias > view letter

Richard Bottwin > view letter

Sharon Brant > view letter

Michael Brennan > view letter

Bibi Calderaro > view letter

Mark Dagley > view letter

Gabriele Evertz > view letter

Daniel Feingold > view letter

Kevin Finklea > view letter

Linda Francis > view letter

Zipora Fried > view letter

Julio Grinblatt > view letter

Lynne Harlow > view letter

Gilbert Hsiao > view letter

Andrew Huston > view letter

Steve Karlik > view letter

Daniel Levine > view letter

Sylvan Lionni > view letter

Rossana Martinez > view letter

Juan Matos Capote > view letter

Manfred Mohr > view letter

Karen Schifano > view letter

Edward Shalala > view letter

Robert Swain > view letter

Li-Trincere  > view letter

Don Voisine > view letter

Douglas Witmer > view letter part 1 / letter part 2

Michael Zahn > view letter