Subspecies, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY


Subspecies, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY, Matthew Deleget, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Matthew Deleget, Pink Nightmare, 2007
Pink monochrome painting (acrylic on panel)
hit with a hammer, 18 x 24 inches 


 Subspecies, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY, Karen Schifano, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Karen Schifano, Asphalt, Recess, The Bottom Fell Out (l to r), 2006-07
Acrylic on canvas and tape, dimensions variable

July 13 — August 18, 2007

“Members of one subspecies differ morphologically from members of other subspecies of the species. Subspecies are defined in relation to species. The distinction can be made in any of a wide number of ways, such as: differently shaped leaves, a different number of primary wing feathers, a particular ritual breeding behavior, relative size of certain bones, different DNA sequences, and so on.” 

If the major classifications in art, for example — painting, drawing, sculpture, performance and installation — were compared to the species, these works by Eric Angles, Shinsuke Aso, Ryan Brown, Matthew Deleget, Miyeon Lee, Jim Nolan and Karen Schifano would be the subspecies. These artists both conceptually and materially distill segments from the surrounding environment: styles and theories of former art movements, social rules, wars around the world, the effects of the global economy, ideologies of different eras, art materials, everyday objects and personal memories. In the process of creation the original meanings of these segments are often transformed, producing unique, idiosyncratic works of art.  Opens Friday, July 13, 6-8pm.