Points of Departure: Six Australian Artists, Tobey Fine Arts, New York, NY


 Points of Departure, Six Australian Artists, Tobey Fine Arts, Christopher Dean, John Aslanidis, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Installation view with work by
Christopher Dean and John Aslanidis

May 3 — June 30, 2007

Tobey Fine Arts presents Points of Departure, an exhibition featuring the works of six Australian artists who represent a distinct style emerging from the antipodean art world. Combining elements of graphic design with overt quotations from twentieth century modernism, artists John Aslanidis, Richard Bell, Cathy Blanchflower, Christopher Dean, Helga Groves and Matthew Johnson offer a visually provocative collection of works veiled with references to Australiana.  Points of Departure may be explored through various interpretations: The shared physical departure point of Australia– the isolated, creative breeding ground of these artists; the departure from modern artistic notions, specifically Op art, and its current position in evolution; the employment of the graphic elements “point” or pixel to create visually complex works. In addition, the reference to the iconic Australian Aboriginal composition comprised of points, or “dots” is difficult to ignore when paralleled with works using a similar graphic aesthetic by contemporary Australian artists.