Non Objectif Sud 07: Fundraiser Exhibition, Gary Snyder Gallery, New York, NY


Non Objectif Sud 07: Fundraiser Exhibition, Gary Snyder Fine Art, New York, NY, MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn

Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 6-9pm

Non Objectif Sud (NOS) is located at La Barralière, a Provençal farm house in the Côtes du Rhône valley, 50 km north of Avignon in France.

NOS is an alternative to the commercial art gallery and institutional space, situated within a rural environment. Once a year, NOS invites several artists to spend a few days at La Barralière and to create works in situ, collaborate and install an exhibition. NOS held its first exhibition in summer 2006 in collaboration with Billy Gruner (director of Sydney Non Objective).

Participating artists Pam Aitken, Andisheh Avini, Jörg Badura, John Beech, Daniel Correlo, Angela Cumberbirch, Matthew Deleget, Anthony Farrell, Manuela Filiaci, Zipora Fried, Hubie Frowein, Pedro Gomez, Yvo Hartmann, Andrew Huston, Kyle Jenkins, Beth Kirkland, Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Tania Kitchell, Louis Lleó, Rossana Martinez, Clive Murphy, Jan van der Ploeg, Gary Rough, Helen Smith, Tilman, Jan Maarten Voskuil & Michael Zahn.